Weirdest Marriage Traditions from around the world

Wedding traditions around the world are different from each other, which can allow one to bring the right kind of happiness. These traditions might seem nothing to you but can be weird for people of different communities. Here are some weirdest ones which are practised by different communities all around the world.

Banging on the first wedding night, France

For most communities, it is not considered friendly of others to bang on your first wedding night. Family and friends gather and encourage everyone to do the same. The whole night the bride and groom are expected to serve them to help them learn to do everything together. This is an age-old french tradition called as Charivari.


The fatter, the better, Mauritania

In Mauritania, there are actual fat camps which allow a woman to get thicker before the wedding. This is a tradition which brings luck and prosperity to the family. This is one tradition which can also be harmful to the woman where women fall sick and also develop some health-related issues.

Beating the groom with dead fish, South Korea

A very popular tradition in South Korea is that the friends of the groom gather around him and start to beat the groom with dead fish and bamboo. This is one way to help prepare the groom for the wedding night.

South Korea

The Blackening ritual, Scotland

This is one tradition which involves covering the couple in everything disgusting. Friends and family gather around and put everything disgusting on them, which is to signify that they are going to be together through thick and thin and prepare them for anything that may come their way.

Practising crying for a month, China

This might seem weird but is an actual practice where all the ladies gather around the bride and practice crying. This is to welcome the marriage in good aspect and also bring joy into the family.

Killing a baby chick to set the wedding date, China


The Daur tribe is known for following this tradition where the newlyweds are required to execute a baby chick and inspect the liver. If they see that the liver is fine, they can set a wedding date or else they will have to keep on killing until they find the goof liver.

Gifting a whale’s tooth to the father in law, Fiji

This is a very unusual tradition, but if a man is going to ask a girl’s hand in marriage, one of the things he needs to carry with him is a tooth of a whale. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the father does not say no to a man and will prepare the man for any challenging situations in life.


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