Top wedding colour trends we expect to see in 2020

One of the best ways to keep your wedding simple yet elegant is by adding colour to it. Not just any colour but the perfect one which will make the whole venue look the best. Finding the right colour can be difficult but can also bring out some of the best features. Here are some of the most on-trend colours you can expect to see in the year 2020.

Mint, Forest Green

This is one colour which is trending, also called the neo-mint is one which has dominated the fashion industry. This is a gender-neutral but has a soft, romantic feel to it. Finding the right shade of green is very difficult as one wrong move can ruin the whole set. Finding the right shade which is versatile and also mixes in naturally.

Mint, Forest Green

Caramel, Lilac

Earthy times are back in fashion as it gives out very vibrant and energetic vibes. Try to make sure that these colours are muted as it can overpower the whole decorations. Added to this is a shade of purple more specifically lilac, which can bring you back to the Victorian times as it represents luxury and opulence. It is also the shades which speak peace and get you feeling romantic and welcoming.

Champagne, Mustard

Champagne, Mustard

This is a year where the colour yellow is one the rise but in the most subtlest ways. There are a lot of main showstoppers which can work well all year round. This is one colour trend which can brighten the whole wedding. Also, it complements the natural tones which exhibit poetic charm and long-lasting elegance.

Powder Blue and Aqua

This is a colour palette which is driving the fashion industry. Despite the colour being very difficult to hold, the right shade can make all the difference Find the right colour palette from the sea, and you will be sure that it world with the theme of your wedding. If you want to go a bit extra, a little dollop of glitter can brighten the whole experience.

Teal, Orange and Gold

If you are looking for variations in blue, teal is the colour you are looking for. A colour which can be bright yet subtle with neutral tones. Blue, in any combination, is just elegant and bring in the regenerative qualities into the wedding. A sophisticated colour which can get you into the wedding mode.

Red, Coral

This is a trend which somewhat ventures into the darker pallete but with elegance. If you are closer to having a winter wedding, make sure that you have punchy red shades which can spice up the gloomy weather. It suggests mystery, sophistication and also adds an edge to the design. This is also one addition which will keep the scheme working traditionally as well.

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