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Sun Valley

Altar Ego

Sherry Scheline

altar ego
weekend in the woods

We simply cannot handle ourselves when a good party rolls around.  We LOVE when parties have ALL the ingredients of fun.  Micaile is getting married and while she's planning the wedding of a lifetime her best friends planned the party of a lifetime.  Starting this party in the woods was a little RISKY business. 


It's too bad Idaho is a boring state full of potatoes. #letthembelievethat 

feyonce idaho
idaho mountains

Macaile is the picture of perfection.  Idaho is also a picture of perfection. Together they amount to quite the combination.  When her girls began planning the bachelorette party I am sure they though "What happens in Sun Valley stays in Sun Valley." They didn't know the exception to that rule and that is if you #IDoWED most likely we will BLOG about you.  (LOL)

Often in posts altar and alter are misused and so we immediately loved the play on this "altar ego" party.  There is NO WAY you can go wrong with beautiful ladies and a party with wigs! Hashtags like #WiggenOut #ChangChangChaang and many more. You could tell it was a good time. 

altar ego

Altar Ego had the ladies dressing in black and wearing wigs of their Sasha Fierce side.  The bride wearing white was hard to mistake, but Macaile was not there. Her altar/ alter self attended the festivities.  

The party took place in Sun Valley where the girls also took in some hiking and relaxation. 

Idaho bachelorette parties can be the perfect combination of fresh mountain air and relaxation and an evening of partying out on the town.  Bring your guests to the mountains and let them experience Idaho. 



Thanks to these babes for giving me the best bachelorette weekend I could have imagined. #solovey #happytearswereshed #morethanonce #bridetribe