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The Big Day Is The Nice Day a party FAIL

Sherry Scheline


"mission is to offer the widest selection of unique and quality party favors, supplies, decorations, and gifts for all of life's special occasions."  


I comb through wedding groups on FB on the daily looking for advice and waiting for good ideas. I am part of wedding connect groups with brides on multiple forums.  One thing I universally hear is the recommendation to use party sites outside of the United States.  (Wish, Alibaba, etc...)  This recommendation often comes with a note on the lines of "I personally have not used them, but I hear they are good."  

I placed an order.  My beautiful God-daughter graduates from high school this June and we are planning a huge graduation party.   I am by no means claiming to be a famous event designer, nor do I plan events.  I have seen many events. I also have in the past worked as a planner and  I think I have a pretty good eye for design.    I can successfully plan and decorate my God-daughter's graduation party.  Saying "this" was followed by "The big day is the nice day!"  

Yes, the party decor read "The big day is the nice day!"  

I did it I succumbed to the pressure of all the "would" be planners and all the non-professionals in wedding groups telling me to order.  "It's CHEAP!" "It's alright quality." "Just do it."  

Well,  here it is... 



Somehow in the fine print I missed that this was a DIY project.  DIY and I are not buddies! Right there on the packaging "DIY TISSUE PAPER TASSEL GARLAND". Ughh.  First of all this is not tissue paper.  Tissue paper is something you blow your nose with.  This is metallic silver foil.   Second, I thought I ordered one per package, the directions appear like it's 3 and well I ended up with 5.  Last, I ordered silver and blue... let's just say two packages and 10 "tassel garland" (not tissue paper tassel garland) anyway 10 tassel garland later they are all silver.  




I am all for saving money, but this is NOT how!  I am now contacting an event planner and yep I'm having the tassel garland made.  Sometimes it is better to have DIFY projects rather than DIY.  DIFY is Do It For Yourself.  Save yourself the shipping from China and shop local.   Do It For Yourself. DIFY



The big day is the nice day if you let others help you and know when to throw in the towel.   We recommend being budget savvy but we do not encourage sacrificing your sanity.  Don't leave your event saying "the big is the bad day." 



Shop local budget friendly party stores and make your event great. Don't sacrifice greatness just to save a buck.  In the end it doesn't save anything.   I have ordered tassels from a local and in the end it is what I should have done from the beginning.  The big day will be a nice day if you spend well.   

I'm not completely upset with my $1.49 purchase.  I just know that with $2 shipping I am better off buying local.  

Shop Local... Buy Local...  Make the big day a good day by making it a local day.