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IDoWED Squad is where you the bride to be get to ask planning questions.  Our SQUAD will answer questions, share ideas and more.  The IDoWED Squad is made up of interns, brand representatives and squad girls that proudly represent IDoWED.  

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A Fighting Force Against Aliens

Sherry Scheline

Squad Goals

I do not know where to begin to sum up how I feel about the last few days politically in Idaho.   On Thursday I was enjoying a day at Shorelodge in the Cove.  I was talking to some other professionals about when Governor Otter had to sign a bill.  Senator Ward Engleking approached me and exchanged dialogue about how strange it would be if Governor Otter vetoed H139.  Later that day ay 3:17 p.m. I thought it was official.  I then received information that it had been vetoed. Less than a week and it still has not fully sit in.   

Currently in Idaho it is against the law to have hair and makeup done on location for your event.  What does this mean?  Where do we go from here?  How does this change things?  Will these girls really go to jail for working their trade?    

I sit here today on a Sunday afternoon catching up on the week and realize that our industry is in peril. 

Wayne Hoffman wrote  "Otter, obviously, abducted by aliens" and much of the article explains most of how I feel. "Alien Shapeshifter Otter vetoed House Bill 139, a bill to reduce government regulations via occupational licensure" 

"Because of the veto of HB 139, the entrepreneurs I have often written about, who made a living making brides beautiful for their weddings and doing makeup for actors on film sets, won’t be able to work without breaking state law and risking government sanctions."

We have fought so hard and learned so much and now there is this feeling of emptiness.  What do we do?  Where do we go?  What do we say? 


Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Carry on is what we do.  We do not allow ourselves to get to worked up and we carry on.   This sign was created in 1939 by the British to prepare people for war.  1939 that was 10 years after most of the laws in Idaho were created for cosmetologists.  1929    

1929 was the very first Academy Awards.  That was the first year the award we have nicknamed Oscar was handed out.  This is only important because this inability to not be able to do hair and makeup not only effects the wedding industry it affects the Idaho film industry. 

Idaho cosmetology laws were created in the Golden Age of Hollywood.  When curling irons were being used by the stars and pin curls were the thing.  Eyelash extensions, spray tans,  and acrylic nails were not part of our routines.  Movies and glamour had a marriage early on and although the dialogue has changed and techniques the two have never separated.   Divorce between film and hair and makeup has never split.   That brings us to the irony of Idaho commerce. 

"If you’ve ever stepped foot in Idaho, you know it’s home to some of the most stunning scenery anywhere. Craggy mountains, whitewater, dusty back roads. In our opinion, you can’t find a better background for your film production."

Idaho in the last several years has pushed for a growth in independent films.  Capitalizing on the natural beauty in our variety of landscapes and what our state has to offer.  We have embarked on adding tax incentives and other perks to increase the film industry in Idaho and then with a simple word we HAULT that growth.  The word VETO to the Idaho film industry is crippling.  

"The Idaho Film Office can help coordinate your locations, crews, and equipment, and offers consulting and other support services for filmmakers and digital artists. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about filming in Idaho." 

Just now they cannot coordinate you to have an onsite hair and makeup stylist.  

I write all this and my blood begins to boil again.  The lack of understanding and knowledge I saw in the last few months was shocking.  Not just from the opposition, from myself.  6 months ago I had no idea it was against the law to do makeup outside of a licensed retail counter.  I did not realize that you needed a license to demonstrate makeup retail in Idaho.    It is hard to keep calm and carry on, knowing now what I didn't know then.   

These laws are old.  We have moved on from the golden age of Hollywood.  We even moved on from the golden age of technology. We are in an entirely new era.  On Thursday  Butch otter gave us the finger and set us back nearly 100 years. 

Eric Beohm from reason summed it up "Idaho Gov. Butch Otter gave the double bird salute on Thursday, vetoing a pair of bills that would have reformed civil asset forfeiture laws in his state and made it easier for Idahoans to practice cosmetology without a state-issued license."  Yep, he gave us the finger.  

Now,  I have decided that I am not going to "Keep Calm and Carry On."  I have decided to:

Stand up and fight back

stand up and fight back

Ways I am fighting back:

Continuing to support freelance makeup artists in Idaho. 

Continuing to support licensed hairstylists in Idaho.

Voting and supporting politicians who believe in commerce in Idaho.

Most importantly I am fighting back by Carrying On.  We will continue to carry on promoting hair and makeup artists.  We will continue to give referrals for this necessary component in the wedding industry.  We will continue to help you find the best resources for your event.  

Our hope is the Bureau of Occupational Licenses will open their eyes and see the needs of Idahoans and move forward with internal rule changes.  

IDoWED does not support illegal activity, we however do stand beside our hair and makeup artists.  When booking hair and makeup we encourage you to ask your stylist or artist if they are aware of the current laws.  Engage in dialogue so you are aware of where your HMUA professionals knowledge on the law lies. 


In the end we stand and will fight back.  We will join with the squad of strong women we have come to know as family in the last few months and we will fight the alien abduction.  We will defeat the opposition and at some point we will make Idaho beautiful again.    We stand and we fight back.  A veto is not going to tie us down.   We are a fighting force.  

We stand and fight back.