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Paul Mitchell School on HB139

Sherry Scheline

Photo courtesy of the Paul Mitchell School's Facebook 

Photo courtesy of the Paul Mitchell School's Facebook 

I love this photo because of it's vintage nature. HB139 is designed to change some of the outdated rules that currently plague the occupational licenses for cosmetology.  This entire week we are going to be featuring our vendors giving you their views and even answering a few questions on HB139.  

This is the Paul Mitchell Schools at Rexburg. One of the key components of HB139 is the change in education standards from 2000 to 1600.  Hopefully, this post from the Paul Mitchell Schools will help you define your decision. 


Paul Mitchell The School Rexburg

Idaho Cosmetology
It Is Time For A Change!  

• Reducing the hours required for a cosmetology license from 2000 to 1600 hours will reduce the amount of regulation standing in the way of people wanting employment.

• Technological advances such as iPads, color photos, video and the internet have enabled instructors to utilize more efficient teaching modalities other than the strictly hands on methods available at the time of the adoption of the statute (1929).

• Public safety is not at risk. Licensees will still have to pass an exam established by the State Board of Cosmetology which meets the strict national standards for safety and sanitation requirements.

• Students will finish their cosmetology program faster, resulting in less student loan debt obtained to cover the cost of living expenses.

• Fewer hours required to be licensed mean students transition to wage earner about four months sooner, generating more revenue for the state.

• 47 other states require fewer hours of education than Idaho.. Decreasing the hours required makes a license more desirable and attainable to not only Idahoans, but also citizens of other states. Allows students to be mobile with their profession.  

• We live in a mobile society; licensees should be able to take their license with them without fear of sanctions.

• Idaho is the only state where a curling iron cannot be demoed in a mall.  

Idaho Cosmetology
It Is Time For A Change!

Vote YES on HB 139
The number you will call is
1-208-332-1000, they will ask you for which bill you would like to vote (House Bill 139)