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Nothing Funny about HB139

Sherry Scheline

She is a comedian that will make you laugh so hard you cry. She recently has taken on a not so funny matter that has brought tears to a few eyes.  Sherry Japhet is an Idaho Makeup Artist. 

"Here's my letter to our senators about passing Bill H139. As for a personal end. I have a 20 year old daughter that lives on the east coast now. When she was three years old I left her dad because of his infidelity and substance abuse. Which left me to provide for both of us. I had to think quickly, I ended up going back to school on top of working full time and felt horrible for always being gone because she was in daycare five days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. I DID NOT receive state assistance for anything, not food, daycare, housing, child support, medical, NOTHING. All because I wanted to work. The very few weekend makeup jobs I got supplemented for extras like food and gas.
At that time I was studying and ended up finishing at The National Academy of Sports Medicine in Calabasas, CA to become a fitness and athletic trainer with a nutrition and sports nutrition education. That's my background.
I've always felt guilty until recently my daughter told me that what she saw was a woman that didn't make excuses and did what it took to provide and raise her daughter. I wasn't waiting around for handouts and she most certainly didn't get any such as, she's always paid for her phone bill, saved cash and paid for her own first car and now has been out of the house for almost two years. She hasn't asked me for a dime since and I have an incredible relationship with her. She also has a mended relationship with her father since he's been clean and sober for many years. Not to mention her step father whom I've been married to for 15 years was a positive influence on her and her incredible family. (I can't take all the credit) So, what I am getting at is people don't value things that are given to them. People value things they have had to work for and that is why we are all here fighting this because we VALUE what we've worked so hard for."

Sherry's story moved me.  After the dust settles and HB 139 reaches a resolve Sherry Japhet will not be jobless and hungry without a job; she will be disappointed and saddened that artists will not be able to creatively find their own paths.  Paths that she has helped paved.  

We hope some of the stories we share in the next two days will help you understand the need for a YES on HB139 and that you take some time and call your senators and say VOTE YES on HB139. 

#KnowTheirStory #KissAndMakeupIdaho #FreeTheFreelancer