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Dear Senate HB139

Sherry Scheline

Wether you are looking for the dramatic look of an ice queen or wanting a subtle everyday look; a freelance artist can help you achieve what you are going for.   We want to help you the consumer be completely aware of HB139 and how it will impact you as a bride.  We also wanted to have you read the heart of some of the artist to have you see their views and hopefully to encourage you to call your senate and encourage a YES vote on HB139. 

"This letter is in reference to bill H139.



I am a makeup artist living in Eagle and I am in favor of this bill.  I am supporting the cosmetology community to allow cosmetology professionals to perform their respective services outside a licensed establishment as an independent business, whether they are licensed or certified.  


As a makeup artist I have many different types of clients requesting makeup services that are specific to their situation or needs.  A client’s requests can range from (and are not limited to) needing makeup applied for a wedding, outdoor photo shoot, indoor photo shoot, special occasion, professional headshots, or for help with applying their own makeup.  Many, or all of these situations, require that I travel to their specified location in order to make the best use of time that is given or because there are multiple clients needing makeup services for a single event.  In many cases having a client receive services in a licensed establishment is not practical given their photo shoot or event location is not reasonably located near a licensed establishment.  As another restriction, the client may require services be performed well before a licensed establishment is open for operating hours.  For an example:  If a bride and her attendants require makeup services and the wedding ceremony begins at 12:00 pm, and services need to begin at 7:00 am to accommodate the number of clients; most licensed establishments are not open at this hour to accommodate this client’s requests.  According to the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare there were 13,699 marriages in 2014.  Based on my experience, in my estimation, 85% of bridal makeup services are performed on location.  This means that possibly 10,000 bridal makeup services were performed outside of a licensed establishment.  This number does not factor in the numerous occasions where onsite photo shoot and event makeup are needed through out Idaho.


For myself, I chose this profession specifically to have the opportunity to be creative and to allow for one-on-one interaction with people of all different backgrounds.  Makeup artistry gives me the opportunity to provide a service that I am passionate about that helps another person.  While providing services for a client, I build relationships with them, and I also have the pleasure of doing something for them that makes them feel good.  My favorite part of being a makeup artist is the creativity I can express and the moment when my client looks in the mirror and sees the end result and is so pleased.


Makeup artistry is just that, artistry.  It is a creative art performed for each individual client.  The unique thing about makeup artistry is with me, the makeup artist, and the client we collaborate and create a unique piece of art together.  The client has input, coupled with my professional input, and we create something that is unique and specific to them.


I started my business nearly a year ago with the intent to help provide financially for my children as a single mother.  This profession is a source of income for my family as well as a creative outlet for myself.  My clients appreciate and expect to have my services performed where and when they need.  I would like to continue, with the endorsement of the state, to provide my clients these services.  "



                                Chelsea Harshbarger


A little about Chelseah 

"I love to create!  I have been studying and creating in the art world for many years.  I received my Bachelors degree in graphic design.  I love what can be created with the client/designer realtionship.  While I still enjoy graphic design, I wanted to find something that would allow me to use my artistic skills to positively affect people in a more personal way.  Becoming a makep artist was such a great fit.  I can continue to create with clients, use my artistic skills, and incorporate my fondness for makeup. |||
I am a freelance makeup artist serving in the Idaho Treasure Valley.  I look forward to the beauty we can create for your special day."

To find out more on Chelseah check out her website at: