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Always the Bridesmaid, Never The Bride...


When my phone rang and it was Sherry Scheline, founder of Idaho Wedding Event Magaine "IDoWED" on the line asking if I would walk in her upcoming Bells and Beaux Wedding Show at the Chateau des Fleurs (owned by the founder of Camille Beckman), I couldn't say no. Seriously, if you knew my long time friend Sherry, you would totally understand. 


I mentioned to a local Make Up Artist (I live in the Los Angeles Area) after the phone conversation that I would be flying to Boise, Idaho to participate in the upcoming event, her first response was "you're too short for runway". I decided to do it anyway (though she should have added that I was "too old for runway" as well, in my opinion).


At 5'3", with a little more curve then a "traditional fashion model" and a few more wrinkles (okay, let's just call it as is actually is - A LOT more wrinkles) than the the other models who towered over me with their youth, beauty and long legs, I did my very best to represent what it is to be a bride, bridesmaid, wedding guest, newlywed on her honeymoon, etc.


No one preps you for just how stressful walking a runway can be. With high heels and dresses a bit too long for my little legs, I did my best not to trip as I walked past people watching from the sides as they made comments and took pictures. 


When the event commenced, I was back in my Champagne Campaign T-shirt, waiting in line for my over due glass of Rose, a much needed stress reliever after what I just had accomplished (check Runway Model off my bucket list). As I was taking my first sip from my fluted glass, two ladies approached me and said that they loved how much "sass" I had on the runway. Wow! Sass? I had tried so hard to be as pulled together and professional as possible while strutting in frocks from Something Old, Something NewShift Boutique and Dress And Charm, but apparently, my personality showed through. I guess in life, the best way to be is to be yourself, and those that appreciate will let you know it!


I doubt I will ever be asked again to walk on another runway, but at least I didn't pass on this opportunity, and even if I never get married in "real life" - at least I have these wonderful images taken on film (not digital) by Ben+Joella prior to my runway debut. 



DATE: February 18th, 2017

EVENT: Bells and Beaux, Chateau Wedding Show

LOCATION: Chateau De Fleurs, Idaho. 176 S Rosebud Ln, Eagle, ID 83616

STLYED BY: Something Old, Something New Boutique & Shift boutique

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Ben+Joella Photography


Please enjoy these photos, and if you would like, feel free to leave a comment below!

Courtney Sibbet, CEO of Sibbz Industries promoting her Sibbz Longboards, Wedding Boards, and Woodz By SibbzBoards.


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