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We are an Idaho Wedding and Event Magazine.  We specialize in destination weddings in areas like McCall and Sun Valley.  We can help you find  resources for your Boise Wedding, McCall Area Wedding, Sun Valley Wedding or perhaps a North Idaho Wedding. 


IDoWED Squad

IDoWED Squad is where you the bride to be get to ask planning questions.  Our SQUAD will answer questions, share ideas and more.  The IDoWED Squad is made up of interns, brand representatives and squad girls that proudly represent IDoWED.  

Led by Lauren Stopher and designed to help you with even the smallest questions. 


Budget "FUDGE it"

Sherry Scheline

It's your wedding and you have to BUDGET.  We are breaking it down when to stick to your budget and when to fudge it. 

One of the most stressful components of planning a wedding is sticking to your budget.  It can produce disagreements which seem like they are going to mount in to World War III.  We want to give you some quick pointers and let you know where you can fudge it a little.  

First, discuss where your budget is coming from.  Who exactly is setting the budget? Where are the resources coming from? Who are the contributors to the budget?  What is the budget?  

Idaho is not the cheapest state to get married in, but yet we are one of the most affordable.   The average wedding in Idaho is approximately $19,850 (removing the top and bottom 10% for average)

Second, find budget specific saving resources.  Follow budget minded sources early on for tips and secrets. The earlier the better.  Do not wait to find these resources.  Budget friendly helpers need added to your wedding planning in the beginning not the week of your wedding when you realize you have over spent.

This is Jessica, she is officially your new best friend.  She is the budget saving, DIY master of weddings.  If you are trying to manage your money this is one site that needs on your radar from the start.

Third, is recognize friend and foe in the industry.  I have spoken to so many brides who are simply afraid of hiring a wedding coordinator because they are afraid it will push them over budget.  The truth is wedding coordinators can help you stay within your budget and help save you money when planning your Idaho wedding. 

Fourth, outline specifically what is important to you.  Are you a foodie?  Are you Idaho natives? Are you wanting more guests and need to plan "the party of the century"? Outline what is important to you.  This may be as simple as you and your fiancee sitting down and writing 10 words each on a piece of paper defining your wedding day.

Budget vs Fudge it

I feel like this needs a vendor disclaimer on it so no one gets their feelings hurt. (wink wink)  


1. Videographer There is a big wedding regret that most brides speak of and that is the unfortunate mistake of not hiring a video team.  Capturing the movement of the day is so wonderful.  The flow, the spirit and even moments that you missed because you were so busy with friends and family.

2. DJ or Wedding Coordinator:  Someone needs to manage the event.  The flow and speed of your event is controlled by whomever controls the mic.  If you forego wedding coordination it is important to hire an experienced DJ that is able to MC your event. If you forego a DJ and opt for an ipod it is important you hire a coordinator to control the flow of the event. 

3. Makeup:  "I have someone coming to do my hair, but I think I can do my own makeup." Just settle for no as an answer here.  This day is the most important day of your life and you want to look your best.  You are spending thousands of dollars to have your picture taken; be camera ready.  Makeup is a must.

4. Choose Local: Idaho has so many beautiful destination places for weddings and events.  Sun Valley to McCall and on up in to the north; Idaho is a beautiful state.  Choosing Idaho for your destination wedding is the perfect choice.  Many people do not realize that there are local event professionals in those communities that can in fact save you money.  You can eliminate vendor travel expenses by simple checking if there is a "local" provider for that particular area of service. 

5. Hire a Professional: There is an old saying you think hiring a professional is expensive try hiring an amateur. This never rings as true as it does in wedding planning. Photography to the DJ that brings a discman; hiring a professional is important.  We get that time is money and you may not have all the time in the world to research 100% of the vendors in Idaho.  We have helped you with that.  IDoWED is an Idaho specific bridal guide.  We may feature venues and such bordering Idaho, but we are an Idaho specific guide. Our vendors are Idaho based and we know them.  We have personally seen their work product and have an understanding of who they are. IDoWED partners are the best in Idaho. 



Fudge it

1. Dessert: It's ok if you do not having a wedding cake.  The trend the last few years was cupcakes and for a brief minute it was alternative desserts; budget saver though is forego dessert all together.  Once you get past the initial gasp from your mother you'll be fine.  It is acceptable to forego wedding cake all together.  You can also offer a more cost affordable option like ice cream sandwiches and since you are "fudging it" consider fudgesicles. 

2. DJ or Wedding Coordinator:  Someone needs to manage the event.  The flow and speed of your event is controlled by whomever controls the mic.  If you forego wedding coordination it is important to hire an experienced DJ that is able to MC your event. If you forego a DJ and opt for an ipod it is important you hire a coordinator to control the flow of the event. 

Ummm.... Yes #2 on the budget section is the same as #2 on the fudge it section.  This is because if you hire a good enough wedding coordinator you can fudge it on the DJ.  Likewise, if you hire an experienced enough DJ you can fudge it on the wedding coordinator.

3. Lodging: If you have opted to cover lodging for your bridal party you do not need to get each of the girls and guys in your line a hotel room.   Wether you are choosing McCall or Sun Valley we can help you find an affordable house to rent that can suit your needs.  Keeping them all under one roof not only saves you money it helps keep things a bit more organized and helps with the flow. 

4. Gown: Idaho has so many wonderful bridal salons. We are pleased to work with some of the best.  If you are searching for an easy way to fudge it on your gown budget, we recommend Something Old Something New.  SOSN is located in Eagle and is a bridal consignment store.  They are  bridal and carry some top designer gowns.  You do not miss out on the bridal salon experience and yes they have in house alterations.  They carry top designer gowns new and previously loved.  Gowns are priced 50-70% off retail price and are ready to go.  

5. Favors: Idaho is full of great things like huckleberries and local honey and so much more.  You however are not mandated to provide a local favor for each of your guests.  Actually, no favors is somewhat nicer.  You will be sending out thank you cards for gifts, etc... this is a show of gratitude that is acceptable.  Welcome bags and favors are a pleasant addition but not a needed addition.  It is a great place to fudge it. 

Hopefully, this helped you a bit on your wedding planning.  Remember to send us your questions, topics, and more to

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