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Tianna's trip to Blush

Sherry Scheline


I walked in to Blush and I was in awe of how beautiful it was.  Chandeliers and mirrors and makeup everywhere.   I am in love with makeup and Blush was a special treat for me.  I am 13 and when most 13 year olds think of makeup we think Sephora and Ulta. My aunt told me that even at 13 you should begin to understand the importance of the products you are putting on your face. 


I personally like to wear my makeup pretty thick.  I like big thick lashes and I do not like my freckles to show through.  When arriving I was told we were doing the Glow on the Go.  It is a simple easy makeup application that anyone can do daily.  This simple process drastically differs from what an artist will apply on you for homecoming or something like that. 

Go on the Glow

Sarah was my makeup artist and she was so nice.  My aunt said that each of the girls at Blush are beautiful.  Sarah told me to wear less makeup and show off my freckles.  I struggle with this, but it was really nice to have someone as beautiful as Sarah tell me how pretty I am.  

Jane Iredale

She used a Jane Iredale skin foundation which was really light.  Sarah did a great job explaining the need for sunscreen starting at a young age.  The Jane Iredale products all have a low SPF sunscreen in them.  My aunt says "its not quite enough, but it helps." IDoWED did a live facebook feed and Sarah from Blush talked about sunscreen importance. 


The mascara used was RevitaLash. It has a conditioner in it that actually helps your lashes grow.  Sarah gave me a ton of great tips.  It was pretty lit. 

the original beauty blender

My favorite product I got to buy was The Original BeautyBlender.  I love it.  It helps me sculpt my eyeliner.  I have used it everyday since my visit to Blush. It also works great for lipliner.

 I got spoiled because my aunt also let me get the Jane Iredale Cognac palette and a blush.  I loved my experience and I think every girl should go in and get back to school makeup tips from a professional.  I have been showing my freckles a bit more since Sarah told me to and I've gotten some compliments.  

Head in to Blush for your makeover.