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We are an Idaho Wedding and Event Magazine.  We specialize in destination weddings in areas like McCall and Sun Valley.  We can help you find  resources for your Boise Wedding, McCall Area Wedding, Sun Valley Wedding or perhaps a North Idaho Wedding. 


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IDoWED Squad is where you the bride to be get to ask planning questions.  Our SQUAD will answer questions, share ideas and more.  The IDoWED Squad is made up of interns, brand representatives and squad girls that proudly represent IDoWED.  

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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Sherry Scheline

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds...

  • Portsche's is a full service custom jewelry design and repair shop. They carry vintage jewelry and select exclusive lines as well.

  • Locally owned and operated in Historic Downtown Boise, Portsche's specializes in exquisite vintage jewelry and repairs. Their discriminating collection includes pieces from the early 1800’s through the 1950’s, without a reproduction to be found.

As a former Miss Idaho International I am no stranger to diamonds.  I loved wearing a crown representing our state.  Idaho got the nickname "The Gem State" for a reason;  nearly every known type of gemstone has been found in Idaho.  Idaho is also home to one of the only places in which star garnets have ever been found in significant quantities.   Idaho is where we find a love for all the shiny rocks, not just diamonds. 

Phillip Portsche specializes in custom designing rings from engagement rings to anniversary rings.  He can creatively design your ring with a little splash of color. 

When choosing a locally owned and operated business like Portsche's you will find they can really cater to your individual tastes.  

Engagement season is about here.  Most engagements occur in the month of December.  The Christmas holiday as well as New Years are incredibly popular engagement times.  It's time you start "DROPPING THE HINT" as to where to shop. 

Portsche's Jewelry Boutique is located in the heart of Boise. Portsche's is within walking distance of the Eastman Parking Garage the first hour is free, it is located at 9th & Idaho, only one block away.

(208) 343-4443

As a retail jeweler specializing in design and custom manufacturing, Philip has over 15 years of experience on the bench, classically trained in the art of jewelry making. Philip starts each piece with a sketch, be it hand sketched or CAD. then each piece is worked by hand till its finished. He makes each piece of jewelry unique in its own way.

"Not one to "color in the lines" I am an artist and technician who strives to create finished pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts. I work collaboratively with my clients, creating art that expresses their individuality. interpreting my client's desires into stunning custom jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Designing and creating custom jewelry is not only my specialty, but my passion." Philip Portsche, Designer, Platinum & Goldsmith, 


Design and style are Portsche's speciality. Your partner choosing Portsche's can help your dreams come true.  Set down and talk about your favorite styles, looks and colors.  Traditional engagement rings may not be what you want.   Philip Portsche is a master designer and can create your dream.  

I am in love with rose gold and love this exquisite morganite, diamond, and rose gold ring built by Philip Portsche. He can create a similar one for you.  

Diamonds are a girl's best friends and Portsche's can help you connect.  Shop locally and choose a locally owned and operated jeweler right here in the gem state.  

The Gem State's motto is  Esto Perpetua(Latin for "Let it be forever" or "Let it endure forever"). We know your love is forever so find the perfect ring to symbolize that forever.