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What I Find Sexy

Sherry Scheline

What I Find Sexy

By: Lauren Stopher 

IDoWed Intern extraordinaire 

Sexy- what is the first thing that comes to your mind when hearing this? Perhaps a model 

strutting down a runway? An amazing smoky-eye? Or maybe you’ve seen the men in the new 

Calvin Klein ads? Sexy can mean so many different things, and it varies in my perspective as 

well. Below are some things I find to be sexy: 

1) A spray tan- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love a nice warm glow. While I am 

fully aware that living in Idaho in the winter goes hand in hand with minimal exposure to 

the sun, I love a good spray tan. Since I am not up for getting skin cancer from tanning 

beds, I love spray booths or even better yet- personal spray tans! There is nothing quite 

like looking like you just got back from a Carribean cruise in the middle of winter. Some 

may think it’s silly- but to me, I own that tan! (Just make sure you aren’t orange!) 

2) The feeling after a workout- I make fitness a priority in my daily life- and I feel so sexy 

when I am completely winded, drenched in sweat, with a mound of hair in a bun on top 

of my head looking like a crazy pineapple. Now, I’m not saying I feel sexy when I am 

doing cardio on the stair stepper, but the end result of knowing that my body is willing 

and able to push itself and commit to health is something I find incredible empowering 

and beautiful. 

3) Receiving a compliment- In our society, I feel people are afraid to take a compliment. 

There- I’ve said it. Do you know how much better the world would be if we all took the 

time to actually tell the girl in the produce aisle how much we love her haircut, and being 

genuine about it? I don’t think it’s inappropriate or selfish to accept a compliment (Let 

me tell you, there is also nothing worse than giving a compliment that somebody won’t 

accept, am I right?!) and I certainly have a confidence boost when receiving one! 

4) Accomplishing something- Big or small, I think that goals that are set and met are 

something to be celebrated. Take it from me, life can get incredibly crazy and stressful, 

and knowing that I put time and effort into a task and accomplishing it is sexy to me. I 

like to be and surround myself with motivated, thought-provoking, genuine people, and 

the positivity from achievement is really something worth recognizing and feeling proud 


5) Love- The love and support I receive from my significant other truly makes understand 

what sexy is. Knowing that at the end of the day I have somebody to come home to, that 

will love me regardless of being in sky-high stilettos or sweatpants, that can make the bad 

days easier, and who tells me countless times how striking I am not just externally but 

internally- makes me feel like the sexiest woman on earth. Ladies- we all deserve 

somebody like this, and don’t let anybody tell you differently! 

Sexy is what you make it- and I truly believe everyone has an internal beauty that makes them 

sexier than they realize. Being yourself is sexy- and it can come in many different shapes and 


I want to hear from YOU! What makes you feel the sexiest?

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Photography: Cimbalik Photography

Floral: Flora McCall

Dresses:  Something Old Something New

Venue: Bishops House

Vintage Rentals: Blush Creek

Wedding Invitations: Printshop McCall

Cake: Stevi Raff Cake Designs

Make Up: Shawna Hines