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Till Lash Do Us Part

Sherry Scheline

Til Lash Do Us Part
Eyelash Extensions and Weddings- All You Need To Know!

This blog is dedicated to all things wedding and bridal related- and with that comes a lot of questions about the latest beauty trends. Now, while I am a girl all about convenience and speed- I am on a mission to find the answers to each and every one of the questions that are asked to me through this #AskLauren Blog!

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about the latest and hottest trend for the past few years- Eyelash Extensions. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, eyelash extensions are some seriously swanky curtains: You kind of wake up feeling like Beyoncé, without doing anything at all. However, there are somethings to know before investing, and so I sat down with Brittany Anderton Skaggs, a local Boise cosmetologist and hairstylist who I personally have been getting my own lashes done by for the past 3 years! She had some great insight for brides to be or bridesmaids interested in going forth with Eyelash Extensions:

Lo: How long have you been doing eyelashes?
B: I’ve been certified in Eyelash Extensions for the past five years, however they have been around much longer than that! I love what I do.

Lo: What is the basic procedure for eyelash extensions? How does it work?
B: The purpose of getting extensions is to lengthen your lashes and add volume! You begin by taping down the lower lashes and determining what length you will work with (These can vary depending on what the client wants!) Then start by separating all but ONE natural lash and pick up the extension, dip in glue (usually clear or black) and apply to the natural lash. Let dry for a few seconds and do the same on the other eye. Work back and forth till the lashes are full and not clumped- voila!

Lo: How long does it take for a full set of eyelash extensions? A half-set?
B: A full set can take up to three hours and fills are about one hour give or take depending on how good they are being cared for. You can’t rub your eyes, and will have a special brush/comb for your lashes so they stay in place. There is also special sealants available for longer lasting lashes.

Lo: What advice do you have for brides that want to get eyelash extensions for their upcoming wedding or honeymoon?
B: . I would highly recommend it! Although it's something you want to start a month or two before just to work out kinks. You may be allergic to them (which is not uncommon) they may not be long enough or too long. All the things you want to get right before the Big Day!  It is a time and money commitment, so make sure it's something you might want to do forawhile!

They are always nice to have on a honeymoon! You won't have black mascara running down your eyes when you say your vows or pop up from diving in the crystal blue waters.

Lo: Do you suggest looking into Groupons for eyelash extensions?
B: I don't want to ruin a good deal,  but please do your research!  I have seen some horrible jobs come from Groupon and Living Social. I get it someone has to start somewhere, but ask to see their work or ask friends. A bad job can lead to many problems- better safe than sorry!

Lo: What is the benefit of having eyelash extensions?
B: There are so many! First, no raccoon eyes in the morning or after an activities. What I love is you always feel put together without other makeup on. Who doesn’t love that? It can boost a girls confidence in a flash and it is bad to rub your eyes so this keeps you from doing that! Gotta love it!

Lo: What is your favorite part of doing eyelash extensions?
B: My favorite part about doing them is actually who I meet. I have a vast array of clients and they come with the best stories and advice. Also watching someone come in in a bad mood and leave in a good one, just because the lashes make a world of difference, is always a plus!