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We are an Idaho Wedding and Event Magazine.  We specialize in destination weddings in areas like McCall and Sun Valley.  We can help you find  resources for your Boise Wedding, McCall Area Wedding, Sun Valley Wedding or perhaps a North Idaho Wedding. 


IDoWED Squad

IDoWED Squad is where you the bride to be get to ask planning questions.  Our SQUAD will answer questions, share ideas and more.  The IDoWED Squad is made up of interns, brand representatives and squad girls that proudly represent IDoWED.  

Led by Lauren Stopher and designed to help you with even the smallest questions. 


Engagement Season

Sherry Scheline

engagement season wedding planning mccall

The question has been asked!  You said YES!  Nearly all engagements occur in November and December, the holiday season is also known as engagement season.  The day you have dreamed of your entire life is now just months away. WHERE DO YOU BEGIN?

Pinterest is full of great timeline graphics and nearly every local little wedding guide has a planning timeline somewhere.  We wanted to break it down for you here.

The first thing that we want to discuss is the scary thing "12 months out."   Most engagements occur and then many brides want to have a summer wedding and in turn January is full of wedding hysteria.  Do not let the 12 month mark completely stress you out just solidify the musts first and let the others fall in to place.  

12-10 months 

Twelve Months

  • Formally announce your engagement and introduce both families.  Discuss your announcement plan casually with your fiancee prior to saying "yes."  A simple discussion can allow both of you the chance to get on the same page and decide if the initial excitement will be shared on social media or a private family discussion. 
  • Take engagement photos.  IDoWED encourages you to find your photographer as soon after you are engaged as possible.  Photographers   We believe that in order to best announce your engagement professional photos are a must.  Hiring a good photographer should be the first thing on the agenda.  
  • Choose your date.  You will want to choose your top three so you have a little bit of wiggle room. Consider alternative dates from the beginning.  Friday nights, Sunday afternoon or evening a Tuesday.  
  • Find a venue.  There are two things you must do before all the other elements can fall in to place. (Photographer and finding the venue) Venue search in Idaho can range from rustic to modern and also from mountains like McCall and Sun Valley to metropolitan in downtown Boise. 

Our favorite info graphic is from Lauren Conrad.  "Love a little Lauren." 

Each timeline will have a few slightly different elements that are pointers for you.  It is important to take a look at a few and develop your own schedule of when to have things booked, outlined and your solidified plan. 

LC lists the first four things as 

  • Book Venue
  • Draft Guest list
  • Engagement Party
  • Register

At IDoWED we feel the first four items on your agenda should be:

  • Announcing your engagement
  • Planning your budget
  • Decision to hire a planner
  • Book a photographer and a venue

Many engagements occur in December and in planning a summer event you must realize that is 6-9 months TOTAL.  Planning and laying out a customized timeline is crucial.  The hiring of a wedding planner can help eliminate some of this initial stress and shock and yes the overwhelming excitement. Event Coordinators


  • Pick an Offician
  • Select Bridal Party
  • Choose Vendors
  • Take Engagement Photos

We think engagement photos are really important sooner than later.  We strongly encourage you to book your photographer right away.  If you missed it in your first set of must do's; you must add it on the top of the next set of must do's.

We also feel that at this time you should choose the wedding theme, style and color scheme for your big day.  If you are not already using Pinterest you need to start pulling together some of your inspirations. Pinterest

Pinterest is a source.  Remember that not EVERY photo on Pinterest can be duplicated. It is also important to remember geographical pins are important.  IDoWED can connect you with event professionals that work in McCall, Sun Valley and the Boise area.  These event professionals have created their own Pinterest pages and it is a good starting point for your dream board because the pins are attainable.

8 Months Before


  • Order Your Dress
  • Block Hotel Rooms for Guests
  • Cake Tastings + Order Cake
  • Begin Hair & Makeup Trails

If you are having a summer wedding you need to remember that travel arrangements are crucial. Room blocks are important and need to be confirmed. 

  • Send engagement announcements to local papers
  • Finalize guestlist
  • Solidify vendors (if you have not put down your deposits DO IT)

6 Months


  • Send Save the Dates
  • Book Honeymoon
  • Order Bridesmaids’ Dresses
  • Purchase Wedding Bands
  • Book accommodation for your wedding night.  
  • Confirm the plans with your bridal party and family on arrangements for bachelorette party, showers and bridesmaids gatherings.

4 Months


  • Select Groomsmen Attire 
  • Plan Rehearsal Dinner
  • Confirm Vendors
  • Decide on Hair & Makeup: Finalize your look and make sure you have the appropriate makeup for touchups on the day of the wedding.
  • Confirm MOB and MOG attire.  This is a good time to check in with your future in-law as well as your mother and see how they are feeling about the wedding.  
  • Have a sit down conversation with your fiancee regarding vows. 
  • Confirm all contracts and send out quick update to vendors listing all your vendors so they can confer.
  • Flower girl and ring bearer apparel must be purchased. 
  • Confirm "Welcome Gifts"
  • Passport renewal for your honeymoon should it not be domestic

2 Months


  • Mail Invitations
  • Write or Decide on Vows/Ceremony
  • Purchase Day Of Accessories
  • Confirm Day Of Transportation


  • Confirm spa appointments, lunch appointments and all final week appointments.

6 Weeks


  • Apply for Marriage License
  • Get Everything Printed
  • Confirm wedding license with local county courthouse.

1 Month


  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelor Party
  • Confirm Honeymoon Travel
  • Confirm budget. Many vendors will not demand full payment until the day of.  Take this time to finalize payment so that you are not stressed the day of your wedding. 

2 Weeks


  • Final Dress Fitting
  • Give Shot List to Photographer
  • Review Music with DJ/Band
  • Have bridal emergency day kit (Bride's ER KIT)
  • Take some time to relax book a spa day 

1 Week


  • Final Headcount
  • Finalize Seating Chart
  • Get Facials & Waxings
  • Have groom schedule a grooming day.  
  • Confirm ALL vendors. 
  • Break in your wedding shoes
  • EAT, exercise, sleep

48 Hours Before


  • Get Tan
  • Have Nails Done
  • Wrap Bridesmaids & Groom Gifts
  • Enjoy your family
  • EAT Take extra time to assure yourself time to get proper nutrition.

Day Before


  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Give Bridal Party Gifts
  • Get "Welcome Gifts" to guests
  • REST
  • EAT
  • limit your drinking
  • Stay hydrated

Day Of

  • Get married & live happily ever after! No wedding is perfect and things might go astray. Just remember to enjoy the moment (it goes by fast) and have fun!

For more on the Lauren Conrad Timeline click here: Lauren Conrad

Some other great timelines are here:


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Last is one of our favorite tools for wedding planning.  Wedding Happy is an app. to help you with a planning timeline.  Wedding Happy

It's worth the click.   Happy planning and we hope you enjoy.  If you have questions about your wedding timeline and want to double check you are getting things done on time do not hesitate to message us with inquiries.