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Southern Idaho

Purcell Party

Sherry Scheline

That moment when you see a photo and can't stop staring.  We are messmerized by the images from Brooke Richardson Photography.

From this little guy that melts your heart to the handsome groomsmen... This wedding is perfection. 



Pocatello does not seem like the first choice when you think of a San Francisco 49ers wedding, but for the Purcells it was the best choice.  Christina calls Idaho home and her and Mike love the beauty of the Gem State. MIke attended the University of Wyoming where he played football for the cowboys and later went on to join the San Francisco 49ers.  

Christina has a passion for photography and loves capturing life through images.  Their love story is beautiful and involves the mixing of two cultures.  They wanted to involve their cultures in their wedding as well as have their families as involved as possible. The Purcell Party became a week long event with family gathering for the festivities.  The rehearsal dinner included a beautiful tiered wedding cake and many laughs and smiles as well as a game of football on the lawn.  

The wedding was full of DIY elements and the bride loved being very hands on.  The groom was able to incorporate many elements of his Samoan culture and had his family their to celebrate. 

The Purcells then took the party to the mountains.  They celebrated their nuptials by having their honeymoon in the beautiful McCall, Idaho.  They rented a house on Cascade Lake and spent the week celebrating their marriage.  


Christina says if she had her way she would have met him sooner so she could have loved him longer.