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We are an Idaho Wedding and Event Magazine.  We specialize in destination weddings in areas like McCall and Sun Valley.  We can help you find  resources for your Boise Wedding, McCall Area Wedding, Sun Valley Wedding or perhaps a North Idaho Wedding. 



IDoWED McCall features venues and vendors for those who choose the Payette and Salmon River Valleys as their wedding and event destination. The most popular areas featured in our magazine for mountain weddings are: Shore Lodge,Brundage MountainAshley InnRiverside Ranch, Jug Mountain RanchRiggins Assembly of God, and the Salmon Rapids Lodge.


Cascade is located in Valley County and is known for both the beautiful Payette River as well as being situated on the shores of Lake Cascade. Cascade is about an hour and half from Boise and is a playground for vacationers year-round. Cascade hosts snowmobilers and skiers through the winter and caterers to outdoor enthusiast through the summer months. Cascade certainly gives you that small town feel so desired by many. 

Ashley Inn


Roseberry is located just east of Donnelly. In the late 1800's there were several families residing in and around Roseberry. This town quickly grew and by the spring of 1905 was a bustling community.  Roseberry today is the home of the Long valley Museum and holds numerous authentic buildings of a time in the past. Roseberry is not a "ghost town" , it's a preserved town holding a piece of history for you to enjoy. 


The picture perfect community located on the shores of one of the most pristine lakes in the country. The town's population increases tenfold in the summer when folks return to their summer homes to escape the heat. McCall offers unique boutiques, shops, and incredible restaurants. It also boasts a range of accommodation from hotels to resorts, to vacation rentals. There are many venues ready to host weddings from rustic to elegant.

Riverside Ranch, Jug Mountain RanchShore Lodge, Brundage MountainBear Creek 


This community is founded in the most beautiful valley meadow that one can find.  Mountains all around forming a beautiful backdrop from every direction. New meadows is a friendly community that produces a small town uniqueness that is hard to find. 


Riggins is located on the banks of the Salmon River and boasts that it is the "Whitewater Capital of Idaho". Riggins is in a the salmon river canyon which is next to Hells Canyon, which is the deepest canyon in North America. Riggins has ample outdoor recreation and boast that it is the "Banana belt" of Idaho. This warmth allows Riggins to grow luscious vegetation hard to grow elsewhere. Riggins provides a perfect setting for any event. 

Salmon Rapids Lodge  Riggins Assembly Of God

Who Cares

Sherry Scheline

"Who Cares", the story of a tug boat. 

When opening up the pages of IDoWED McCall  people are falling in love with this little Tugboat. Who Cares?  We are finding that many care about this little dream called, "Who Cares."

"The story goes that the boat was first built and brought to dock in Friday Harbor, WA. It was trailed and brought to the Payette Lake.  The Who Cares has provided the familiar back-beat of summer on the lake with it's 'patooka, patooka, patooka.'   Bob and Lola sold the boat to John and Lisa Wood in 2000 or so. Being family members we say we are still the second owners of the tug. "

When Soiree styled this beautiful getaway shoot captured by Tana Photography we had no idea how popular this little boat would become. How many be would care.  "Who Cares" is currently moored on the docks at Shorelodge. She has seen her fair share of life on the water perhaps that is why she has become such a dream boat.  The thought of all the stories she could tell.

Upon reading about the boat and talking to the owner we learned about parties for kids and grown-ups alike.  She can not carry large parties, but "Who Cares."  

Children care.  They find "Who Cares" to be an inspiration.  Tug boats after all are small boats who are able to push and guide larger ships.  Tug boats are able to take on bullies and hold their own.  Children's stories have made tug boats out to be the hero of the tale and what child doesn't like the hero. 

Let's get the details.  You want the boat.  You need the boat.  How can you get the boat?  This beauty is currently for sale. YES, you read that correctly.   "Who Cares" is currently on the market. This dream boat could be yours.

The Who Cares hull is one of a run of  six manufactured in Maryland and then brought out west:  three to become Tugs, and three that were made into Cat Rigged sailboats. 

It is time for the Who Cares to find another familly and spend lazy summer days back on the water on Payette Lake engaged in cocktail cruises, picnic outings, and the occasional pirate raid.    

According to the initial registration, it was built in 1980 and designed by Jay Benford. 

She has seen her way around Payette Lake and has even floated down the streets for Winter Carnival festivities. She's a beauty.  The owners love her, but are needing to part with her.  We hope that someone will snatch up this little number and possibly rent her out to bridal parties, cocktail parties, and yes the occasional pirate party.   Until then she will sit in the dock at Shore Lodge and wait for your purchase. 

LakesideRomance_TanaPhotography (160).jpg

If this tugged at your heart and you decided you care, then SHARE and help "Who Cares" find a new owner.