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Memorial Day BBQ with 3 Girls

Sherry Scheline

farm to fork
3 Girls Catering...redefining IDAHO BBQ
Idaho foodies love farm to fork options in Idaho.  Idaho produces some of the finest produce in the world.  3 Girls Catering sources locally before going elsewhere. They work closely with Treasure Valley farmers and build menus around the freshest, most delicious seasonal ingredients available...and they serve you nothing that they wouldn’t serve to their loved ones!
Weddings and events to corporate gatherings, 3 Girls can even cater a simple picnic for your office.  The weather is gorgeous...and our favorite local ingredients are flourishing!!!  Healthy doesn't have to be boring...let us shake things up by creating a special menu for you today.
Idaho Catering

Well...Girl #3 ran away with the circus and though Lisa and Gretchen tried their damndest to find another 3rd girl, it turns out this is not such an easy feat!  Who knew?  3 Girls Catering turns out is only 2 girls.  Not to worry, they now have upwards of 10 girls (some guys too) and we love their growing business. 

We hope that you give them the opportunity to create your menu, your food and your vision...They really love what they do and it shows.  Besides...IT'S NOT A PARTY WITHOUT 3 GIRLS!

3 Girls Catering

gretchen and lisa

Since it is Memorial Day Weekend we wanted to celebrate with some Idaho BBQ ideas.   The first is Huckleberry BBQ Sauce.  We posted this little gem from the archives to get you in the BBQ spirit.  

"We got good buns."

Idaho BBQs are not complete without some great Idaho ingredients.  Idaho Huckleberries added to the BBQ Sauce, Idaho Beef,  Idaho Potatoes on the grill, and don't forget some of the other great Idaho grown produce.  


We hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and enjoy some of Idaho's freshness at your BBQ.