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Featured Vendor: Major Events

Sherry Scheline

whitetail mccall

Major Events is the event decor experts of Idaho.  If there was an award for the most active team these ladies would get it.  They are putting out perfection from McCall to Salt Lake City.  

Major Events Boise

Their website reads "At Major Events, we will make sure every detail of your wedding reflects your unique style and personality. "  Upon viewing their events you know this is true.  Each event holding it's own creative spice setting it apart from the others. 

Major Events is the perfect party planning team no matter what your major event is.  Graduation parties, birthdays, charity events, corporate parties and of course weddings are all part of the Major way.

Andrea Major

Major Events is named after the owner Andrea Major.  Andrea's primary love is her children.  She takes a great deal of pride in them and they ALWAYS come first for her. Her new passion is becoming a fitness guru.  She has found a new passion at the gym and is becoming a fitness expert.  She is the women we all are jealous of and certainly aspire to be.  

As I write I think of the true beauty of Andrea and it is how personable she is and how she relates to each of her clients.  To truly see any professional's character all one must do is watch someone's social media.  On Andrea's you will see her rocking out on road trips, occasionally hitting the dance floor, riding four wheelers with her kids and just being silly.  She laughs,  she smiles and you'll want her to be your best friend. 

major events staff

Jamie... Oh Jamie... I first met Jamie nearly 4 years ago.  She was on the founding board of the Idaho Event Professionals.  She was an incredible team player and an incredible addition to the event industry.  She is Andrea's right hand woman.  Every single time I have had the honor of working with Jamie I am in awe at how much she gets done in just a short amount of time.  She does a terrific job managing her crew.  I have watched them transform rooms in a snap. I have seen her turn a boat dock in to what looks like a glimpse of heaven.  I have seen a forest transform into a magical wonderland. She climbs ladders, she hangs drapery, she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met.  Jamie is an incredible event coordinator as well as designer. 

Mrs. berry Event coordinator

OH Mrs.Berry, the wedding coordinator that out does them all.  This gal, can work a wedding show all day and in to the night which doesn't seem like that big of a deal unless you are like 19 months pregnant and wearing 5" heels.  OOPS that was a typo on the 19 months, but for dramatic effects we will leave it. Heather Berry is an awesome event coordinator. Her hard work and dedication are clear with every event she puts on.  She loves Major Events and does a phenomenal job.

We won't list each individual staff member of Major Events, but rest assured they are an amazing team.  Be sure to follow them on social media and take a few minutes and check out their website