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Sherry Scheline



"You've made it to Prom, and don't you look beautiful!  

Prom will be a wonderful memory for you and we'd like to make sure that it is.  


Dinner is on us!! 

Maybe one day, a few years from now, you'll see a couple out for prom and offer to do the same. 

Until then, take a picture of yourselves tonight and post it for us to see.  


Have a wonderful time!  

D & M" 




Imagine being a high school student, saving every penny for the event of a lifetime, your prom. 



From Boise to McCall the PromItForward couple has been impacting prom night all over Idaho.  The beautiful thing is they don't want to keep the fun for themselves.  They have chosen to be secretive and merely use the initials D&M, but they encourage you to make your own little Prom It Forward note and head out to dinner.  April is prom season and although you may have missed it this year mark it down for next year.   

Here's how you play. 

1.  Make a card or note that says why you are paying.  Something like that above.  

2. Plan a date night for you and your partner on a night that there is a local prom. Choose a fancier restaurant.  You can even engage with the restaurant regarding their traffic.  Simply ask "do you have many prom reservations?" 

3. Go enjoy dinner. When you see a couple quietly tell the staff you would like the tab.  Hand them the note and let Prom It Forward go in to motion.   


Such a nice gesture of kindness.