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Boudoir Photography | Brides: 10 Tips on How to Feel Sexy


Boudoir Photography | Brides: 10 Tips on How to Feel Sexy

Paula Comerlato-Medley

Ladies, a gift for the groom can’t get any better than an album filled with sexy pictures of you. It is a GREAT experience filled with pampering and a great confidence boost before your wedding day; understandably, many want to do it but are just too nervous! Hear me out. That is TOTALLY normal; your photographer will be able to put you at ease but here are some 10 Tips for Feeling Sexy during your boudoir experience.

Boudoir Photographer | Soft Elegance Photography

Boudoir Photographer | Soft Elegance Photography

1.       EXPECTATIONS: You are expected to feel beautiful and have fun! It's THAT simple.

2.       PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKE UP: Although not required, it is HIGHLY recommended. Hiring a professional (both for hair/make up and the photographer) is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make. He or she is trained in accentuating your finer features; you’ll also get a little pampering and feel gorgeous before even beginning. Your confidence will radiate in front of the camera and really reflect in your images. I can not stress enough the importance of their talents; it’ll increase the value of your experience because you’ll feel THAT much more beautiful. Make sure it is someone trained for peace of mind – sanitation is important! This could also be a great trial run for your actual wedding day hair and makeup if you wanted too.

3.       SKIN CARE: Make sure you’re moisturizing from the moment you schedule your session. CAUTION: If you haven’t developed a routine for sunless tanning, don’t start now!! Although it has developed leaps and bounds, you can still come out looking like an oompa loompa or tiger striped. If you decide to tan, ensure you’re doing so properly and avoid burning or tan lines. A good bronzing is always beautiful. If you're going to wax, make sure it's several days before your shoot to avoid red inflamed skin.

4.       NAILS: Get a manicure and a pedicure… and while you’re at it, schedule yourself a massage too; wedding planning can be a real workout and you deserve it! Avoid neon colors or nails that are too long; you can’t go wrong with a classic French manicure. Ensure you take into consideration the colors of the outfits you’ve selected to avoid clashing.

5.       MUSIC: I’m not kidding. If you have a certain music station or play list that makes you feel sexy, bring it! Put on your game face and work it, girl!


Boudoir Photographer | Soft Elegance Photography

Boudoir Photographer | Soft Elegance Photography

6.       Are you looking in your closet and thinking, “Ugh! What should I wear?!” You’re not the only one! It’s perfectly normal to not be 100% confident in what to select initially. BUT remember, the outfits you do select should make you feel beautiful, sexy AND confident! If you’re constantly tugging to make sure it fits properly, it’s probably not your best option.  You should feel comfortable in your selection!! So... who's interested in some shopping?!

7.       SHOES: You CAN NOT go wrong with a pair of black or nude high heels or pumps; these help shape your body during posing and elongate your legs. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see curves?

8.       IMPLIED NUDITY: Are you considering this? Is this something you’d be comfortable with? Be sure to discuss it with your photographer. It’s always best to set the expectation from the beginning to ensure you feel comfortable at all times; this can be very classic, tasteful and sexy. 

9.       BUSTIER: One of my favorite boudoir attire's; it is form fitting, unforgiveable, and provides support for the bust while providing coverage (fabric). It helps to shape the waist and looks phenomenal!

10.   OVERSIZED SWEATERS OR JERSEYS: You really don’t need to go shopping; sometimes you have a treasure trove in your closet (and his!). Do you have any oversized sweaters or blouses with large boat necks? Slipping it softly off of the shoulder and exposing the collar bone is super sexy and easy to achieve. Is your fiancé a sport fanatic? Jump in the closet and grab “the jersey”. You know, the one constantly being worn!

Boudoir Photographer | Paula of Soft Elegance Photography

Boudoir Photographer | Paula of Soft Elegance Photography

Ok. I know I said 10, but here’s a freebie:

11.   BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: You’re getting married! Bring along your sexy bridal lingerie, wedding veil, shoes, and bridal jewelry (like your ring!) to showcase. Maybe even sneak in his shirt and cuff links.

***Ladies, what better way to create crazy anticipation than having one of wedding party deliver the sealed package to your fiancé while he gets ready. Attach a little note stating it should be opened before the ceremony BUT in privacy.***

It’s about you! It’s an opportunity to celebrate you and your love for each other. You are sexy’ don’t forget it!

For more “what to wear tips” click here.


-Paula of Soft Elegance Photography