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April Showers

Sherry Scheline

wildflower flowers and events

This is the perfect month for showers.  We've all heard April showers bring May flowers and this is true; we however are speaking of a different kind of shower.   Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the bride to be.  

5 cute Idaho shower ideas  

1. Dessert Only  

Those cute dessert bars are not just for weddings.  Create a beautiful dessert bar for the bridal shower you are hosting.  Get some fresh flowers.  Choose multiple desserts and use cake plates of different sizes to create depth and make a beautiful display.   Add in Idaho desserts like huckleberry pie or really personalize it and get dessert recipes from both sides of the family and make "family desserts."   No matter what you choose, dessert first is always best.  Let the inner sweet tooth come out. 

april showers bring may flowers

2. Personal Shower 

Many times lingerie is exchanged at the bachelorette party as a gift but why not go a step beyond.   Plan your shower at a local hotel like The Grove Hotel Boise and reserve a room.  Have a photographer and a glam team come and have all the guests enjoy a mini boudoir session.  Bring lingerie for themselves and a new piece for the bride.   You will all have fun and everyone will love the take home party favor of their own boudoir photo.    The groom will also love his gift.   

3. ALL Idaho Themed Shower

Take shop small to a whole new level.  Invite your guests to an Idaho themed shower.  Request that all the gifts be hand crafted Idaho items.  The guests will love thinking outside the box.  Enjoy Idaho foods and of course Idaho cocktails.    Yes, Idaho cocktails!  Show off some of the great options we have here in Idaho. 

photo courtesy of 44 North Vodka

photo courtesy of 44 North Vodka

4. The Giving Shower

Many couples are not in need of more "stuff" and they are foregoing traditional wedding gifts.  This does not mean the giving needs to stop.  When planning a shower check out some non-profits.  Use your event to help a worthy cause.  It may be something as simple as having a tea party at The Bishops House.  You could book Life's Kitchen to cater your event. You could also still go and register and donate all the items to the Women and Children's Alliance.   The most important thing is getting your friends and family together.  You can have a giving shower in which all the guests make a donation in the Bride's name to the charity of their choice.   

5. Destination Showers

The planning process is so exhausting and the guest of honor may truly need a break.  Plan a destination shower.  Idaho has so many beautiful destination spots. Book a weekend getaway at a large home in a beautiful place like McCall and enjoy a relaxing weekend.  Done Right Management in McCall has homes that sleep up to 50 people.  What an enjoyable and fun way to spend a weekend.  Finish up those DIY tasks the bride is working on and enjoy the time together. 


Photos from Cimbalik Photography