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Whitetail Wedding

Sherry Scheline

shorelodge wedding

A story of love knowing no borders.  A tale of immigration and coming together to say "I DO." Their skin is not different nor is the language they speak, but these two lovers were separated by an ocean of complications. 

whitetail tree

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

This inscription on lady liberty seems so easy.  Allison quickly learned that having her groom join her in the United States was not as easy as hearing the call from Lady Liberty. 

first dance

When Alli was asked about her wedding planning process the first thing she spoke about was the immigration process.  Prior to planning things like invitations, choosing a cake flavor, and buying a gown they needed to go through the immigration process. 

idaho couple

"I looked through your magazine many times when planning our wedding. The magazine helped us with several resources and I am ecstatic that we are going to be featured. I guess one fun thing about our wedding is that Luke is from Manchester, England and I am from Boise, Idaho.  We met while backpacking in Thailand. Although our wedding was the absolute best week of both of our lives planning for it it was a little more difficult than the usual."

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 "Flowers, catering, dress decisions; before we could even consider any of those fun details we went through a year of immigration paperwork and interviews in order for Luke to be able to marry me and live in the United States. It was an amazing accomplishment for him to get approved. This made the rest of the wedding planning the icing on the cake."

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Immigration is time consuming as well as difficult.  The United States has historically been waiting with Lady Liberty inviting guests; the truth is it is far more difficult to come to America than one thinks.  United States immigration law is very complex.  The Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), the body of law governing current immigration policy limits the numbers of immigrants into America. Immigration to the United States is based upon the following principles: the reunification of families, admitting immigrants with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy, protecting refugees, and promoting diversity.

I love you moran more

They succeeded.  Their love is deeper than the oceans that separated them, greater than the miles between them, and stronger than the laws that they had to work through.  Love knows no borders.  Here they are... TOGETHER!

wedding kiss

America the beautiful. McCall the beautiful.  I swear purple mountain majesty was written about Jug Mountain.   After Luke and Allison completed all their paperwork McCall became the official destination. 

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mccall wedding decor

"I truly enjoyed working with Jamie and Andrea at Major Events. They have a gorgeous selection of wedding decor and they shared some fabulous insights and expertise that I wouldn't have thought of had I planned it all myself. I would highly recommend them to help plan, setup, or design any event." 

Allison hired a team of event planners to help her plan and design her special day.  She knew how time consuming immigration would be, Luke moving, and so much more; she trusted Major Events for all the details. 

married in mccall
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whitetail wedding in McCall, Idaho


"When Luke first visited me in Idaho, the first place I took him was to McCall. I had grown up spending weekends there my entire life. He has since fallen in love with it just as much as I have. Over the years we have spent time nordic skiing, playing games, golfing and celebrating at Whitetail."

golf cart cruise McCall, Idaho

We both have done our fair share of traveling (especially during our time living in London) and McCall especially Whitetail is one of our favorite places in the world.

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From the view, to the manicured lawns, stunning sunset and the phenomenal chef Julian I can't imagine a more beautiful evening. We also spent some of our weekend at Shore Lodge and on the Lake. It was the best way to show off Idaho to our out of town guests.

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wedding guests
wedding guests
whitetail wedding
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married in mccall

Photography: Nate Perkes

Event Design: Major Events

Venue: Whitetail

Paper Suite: Paperie + Pen

Hair and Makeup: Shawna Hines

Lodging and Venue: Shore Lodge

Photo Booth: Treasure Valley Photobooth

DJ:  VCI Audio


(Whitetail Club is a private resort.  IDoWED encourages you to consider homeownership at Whitetail Resort )