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Vote Yes on HB139

Sherry Scheline

Vote YES on HB139

Greetings! My name is Sherry Scheline and I am the editor and chief of Idaho's largest wedding and event publication.  
I do not fall under the cosmetician guidelines of the State of Idaho in anyway, but the current regulations as well as future drastically effect my bottom dollar as well as the success of my magazine. 
Today, I am pleading with you as the editor of a beautiful magazine, but I also appeal to you as a resident of McCall, Idaho. 
I see the struggle from different eyes.  I see McCall, ID as a tourism community with an average of 10 weddings a weekend during the summer.  That is an average of 1000 out of town guest in the McCall area any given weekend during the summer months. Our community thrives off of tourism. The growth of destination weddings in McCall has brought a comfortable sustainability. McCall however has a workforce problem.  This workforce problem effects restaurants, hotels, and yes hair salons. Many of the hair salons in McCall will not accommodate wedding hair and very few stylist offer makeup or are not trained in the art of makeup. In order to continue this growth in having McCall be a destination wedding prime location we need to allow hair and makeup artists from outside come in and practice event styling. 

Event styling is a huge component in our industry.  I wanted to take a moment and share with you 5 photos.  This 5 images are taken on the same day, in the same room, of the same girl, by the same photographer.  
We gave multiple artists as well as hairdressers one word and they created magic.  These 5 images showcase the power of hair and makeup. 

This bill is essential for you the bride to be.  It is a crucial component to the success of your day. 

Every Bride is Different

Our differences are endless.  Choosing a stylist for your wedding both hair and makeup should not be defined by a location.  Our differences should allow us to color outside the lines and choose diversity.  A bride may choose St. John's Cathedral or she may choose the back country of the Frank Church Wilderness.  No matter the choice she should be able to have her beauty team by her side. 

Young Fresh and Social Media Friendly

Today's bride does not want to sit for hours at the hair salon getting her hair done.  She wants to be in the privacy of her own home or a bridal suite sipping champagne and Snap chatting her friends.  Our lives through social media have become so public that we cherish the privacy of special moments. 

I am not a hairstylist but I understand the modern bride and I urge you to write to your senators and ask them to say YES to HB 139 for the wedding industry in Idaho.