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March Madness: Honeymoon Travel

Sherry Scheline

We have gathered topics you as engaged couples are interested in and all throughout March we are going to help you with your wedding planning madness.  We are going to be featuring a number of guest bloggers who have submitted articles to IDoWED with a hope of helping you plan the most remembered time of your life.  #HappyWeddingPlanning

The first topic is honeymoon planning.  We at IDoWED spend time encouraging you to enjoy Idaho for your honeymoon, although we see Idaho as the most beautiful place on earth we know some of you have the travel bug. 


Our first guest blogger in the "Madness Planning Series" is Andreea Bujor, travel blogger and photographer for  Travel Tip.  Andreea is a Romanian ex-flight attendant that wants to share some of her travelling experience, writing 10 easy travel tips for each visited destination on her personal blog.

Honeymoon Islands

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18. 02. 2017

The Honeymoon Adventure


The second great thing about getting married, after the wedding moment party dress of course, is the honeymoon. That one full month, or let’s be more precise and realistic, those 2 possible weeks (with the approval of your company manager), that you’ll get to spend fully in the company of your dearest half. You know you both deserve it, you worked hard with the wedding preparations and now it’s time to relax and unwind. All you want is to escape with your husband on a deserted tropical island, where worries melt in the ocean, cocktails come in rainbow colours and love is hot as the sand. I got that right until now?

To continue now, to find a deserted island can be quite difficult since we are not (all) billionaires or related to any, so we’ll have to narrow our search only to inhabited, tropical – dreamy islands. We came up with a list of 5 beautiful places on Earth and to help you choose wiser we are mentioning some positive / negative aspects about all of them that one might need to consider.




Probably the most famous honeymoon destination for it’s perfect white sand and crystal clear waters,  it’s good to know that Maldives it’s not one island, but around 1000 coral islands situated in the Indian Ocean. Now let’s see where Maldives gets good or not-so-good points as a candidate for the ideal honeymoon destination.

Good points :

Because the majority of tourists visiting Maldives are couples going on their honeymoon there are plenty of holiday packages to choose from. You can enjoy the most amazing seafood meals, the endless beach resorts, swim in the most blue ocean or simply enjoy a day at the spa, all adapted to your personal needs.

It is a great place to do snorkeling and diving, and the options to choose from, are many.

Bad points:

To get from the main land/ from an island to another island, you’ll have to pay extra. I couldn’t find any trip that is less than 150 $ /per day so that means you’ll have to take out of your pocket more money every time you move right or left. If you are traveling on a budget i don’t recommend Maldives because it’s simply too expensive.

Good points:

The locals are really nice and helpful.

Bad points:

If you visit Male, the capital of Maldives after sunset you might see a different scene than one expects, poor people coming from their work at the fish markets, some looking even highly intoxicated by some form of cheap drugs. Even if the country has strong anti-drug laws there is a true epidemy of substance abuse.




Bali or “The Island of Gods” situated in Indonesia it’s not only a surfer option for a great holiday but also a valid choice for honeymooners.

Good points:

Plenty activities to do as a couple from extreme sports to yoga. Bali is famous for the quiet yoga classes and balinese traditional massages.

Bad points:

The beach areas tend to get crowded so if you are searching for a quiet place to relax this might not be the best place to achieve that.

Good points:

There are many romantic themed restaurants in Bali if you want to surprise your dear one with a unique dining experience.

Bad points:

Unfortunately you can find a lot of rubbish on the island, a thing that caused also the pollution level to rise over the years. There are few solutions that are being implemented now to fix the hygiene problem but it will take for sure time to bring up some good results.

Picture from featured blogger: Andreea Bujor

Picture from featured blogger: Andreea Bujor


Phuket, Thailand would be my number one choice for young couples, adventure seekers.  First thing that comes to your mind when you think about Thailand is fun and that is 100% correct.

Good points:

The beaches are beautiful, if you remember the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio – filmed on the Phi Phi Islands, in Phuket – you’ll get the true image of this unique, exotic place on Earth. Plus it’s really affordable and the environment is friendly.

Here you can find 10 easy travel tips if you are travelling to Phi Phi:

Bad points:

If you’ve planned your honeymoon between mid-May and October (=> monsoon season in Phuket), then you might experience some heavy rains especially in May and September – October and/or riptides, dangerous currents when swimming in the ocean.

Good points:

There are plenty of activities designed for couples in Phuket, for example participating in cooking classes, where you can learn all about traditional thai food. Tip: There is a 5-day cooking course at the Blue Elephant Cooking School in Phuket, Krabi Road 96.

Bad points:

Transportation gets a minus here because there is  no proper public transportation system which means you’ll be more or less forced to take a taxi or a tuk-tuk in order to move around. Best way to avoid the taxi drivers scams would be to rent a car and/or to simply walk. If you have to take a taxi, skip the ones without meters because the price negotiation can be a really unpleasant experience.


Santorini, the most popular island of Greece, is the perfect place to get lost in a romantic story between the little white houses with blue roof.

Good points:

I’ll give you three here very fast: it’s cheap (beds in a 3*hotel are from 10€/per night), the food is great and the sunsets are spectacular! If you want a romantic setting or great photos from your honeymoon you just hit the jackpot!

Bad points:

The Greeks take it very easy, you might go for lunch and find the place is not opened yet. There are no fixed rules whatsoever, going with the flow it’s a must on the island.

Good points:

Locals are really warm, friendly people. Their business has been running in the family for decades so there is a personal touch in their style of service.

Bad points:

It can get crowded and by midday it’s too hot to even walk without hat, sunblock or gallons of water. It can also be extremely windy as the end of the summer approaches.




The world’s oldest ocean islands, Seychelles means an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. This place is truly unique and what i remember the most are the colors of the sky by sunset, going from green to pink and purple and orange, similar to the Northern Lights magic.

Good points:

There are few islands almost inhabited, so if you were searching for a place where you can feel like Adam and Eve with your hubby you found the right spot (celebrities choose Seychelles for the same reason). There are some unique granite rocks over there that make Seychelles look primordial beautiful.  

Bad points:

The fauna and flora of the place is truly amazing but it can also make its way to your room. Yeah, you got that right i’m talking about spiders, bugs and other fast moving creatures that will come to pay you a visit.

Good points:

What i love about Seychelles is that you can do so many others things besides going to the beach, you can really explore the island, go for a hike, find the waterfalls in the forest, feed the giant turtles, measure the local culture (a mix of African, European and Asian influences) in the tiny capital of the islands called Victoria.

Bad points:

Even if the weather is generally good all year round in Seychelles, there are some strong currents in the area, that can lead to drowning cases. The locals guidance is important as they understand better the nature of the place they are living in.

No matter where you’ll choose to spend your honeymoon, remember love is what brought you there!

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