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Fat Tuesday

Sherry Scheline

It's Fat Tuesday!  "I don't even know what that means other than a good party." We are breaking down Mardi Gras for you. To start Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday.  

The best place in Idaho to celebrate Mardi Gras is of course McCall, Idaho for Winter Carnival. Parties begin on January 6th. January 6th, Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany, begins the carnival season and in places like New Orleans and in our case McCall it begins the party season.  This party season then leads up to "Mardi Gras" AKA "Fat Tuesday."  Idaho is no stranger to the two months of partying.   We perhaps had no idea it had anything to do with Mardi Gras.   I always wondered why our Winter Carnival was in late January but Mardi Gras is late February.   

photo credit: Idaho Statesman

photo credit: Idaho Statesman

52 years McCall has celebrated winter with a beautiful carnival the last week of January and the first week of February. 

After two months of beautiful parties we then celebrate Fat Tuesday.   The celebrations the next day (Ash Wednesday) are a bit more religious in nature.  

"Mardi Gras AKA Fat Tuesday is the party to end all parties because the next day is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Ash Wednesday is  meant as a day to reflect on the things you need to atone for during the religious holiday known as Lent, but is mostly used as a day to indulge in all the stuff you’re giving up for Lent."

Beer, booze, and bacon... YEP those are three very common items that are given up during Lent.  The word “Carnival” itself  if you trace it back to its Latin origin means "farewell to the flesh." It’s all about indulging one last time. Farewell to the flesh is followed with lots of beads, food, parades, floats, masquerade balls, elaborate costumes with beads, and feathers.  Idaho has it all.  McCall Winter Carnival is all about beads, parades, floats, and lots of feathers and flamboyant accessories.  Idaho is also home to a beautiful masquerade ball.  The Jayden DeLuca Masquerade Ball was held this past weekend at The Grove Hotel

Idaho is your celebration spot for Mardi Gras.  Head out tonight and get those beads.  Purple (for justice), green (for faith) and gold (for power). Tag us in your Mardi Gras pictures to show us how you celebrate Fat Tuesday in Idaho.  #IDoWED

44 North Vodka

44 North Vodka

MNM Makeup Studio

MNM Makeup Studio

Tomorrow we start Lent and we want to encourage you to spend the next month giving back.  Some of you will be giving up things, others do not celebrate this holiday.  Wether you celebrate Lent or not we ask that you consider spending the next month giving back to your community.  

Jayden DeLuca Foundation

Lifes Kitchen

Bishops House

Historic Roseberry

Fat Tuesday is celebrated by many, although Lent has a few less participants in the celebration;  we hope that you will be encouraged to give a little back during Lent.