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Vintage Road

Sherry Scheline

Photographs become the connections between generations. The portraits you have taken today will become tomorrow's cherished vintage items. So on this road of life, we would be honored to walk with you a while.


Hattie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from BYU-Idaho. She feels that her photography is a mix of classic and modern, fresh and traditional and she truly believes the best images are captured when clients are unaware of the camera. This family is just as cute as can be.  Seriously,  Hattie is adorable.  

We love incredibly talented photographers but we quickly get obsessed when their family is as cute as these guys. 

Photography is the one time that chemistry should always out do the price.  Finding the perfect photographer should include the following:

1. You LOVE their personality.

2. You LOVE their style.

3. You LOVE their work.

4. You LOVE them.

5. You are content with the price. 

Photographs are what you pass down to your children and your children's children. Choosing the right photographer should be more about the connections then the amount of services.  

Trendy hipster wedding 

Idaho Cowboy Wedding

Your photographers' style will be evident in how they capture the moments of your day.  No matter your style you can choose a photographer that you know is going to meet your needs. Photographer style is not wether they wear converse vs. cowboy boots but more in the way they shoot.  Photographers' style can range from dramatic to documentary, lifestyle, artistic and of course classic.   Focus on photographers that best meet your style needs. 

Take time to contact Vintage Road Photography and introduce yourself to Hattie.   You'll probably fall in love and be ever so happy.