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Snowpocalypse Wedding Planning

Sherry Scheline

Photo by Two Bird Studio

Photo by Two Bird Studio

The flakes have fallen and so have the temperatures.  Just when the weather man predicted sun he changes his mind and says "nope."  Winter has arrived from snow, sleet and this ridiculous freezing ice.  Many of you recently engaged are stuck at home and doing the one thing that brings you joy "wedding planning. "  

Wedding Planning 

Wanna be planners are rapidly on the increase. Caterers who have launched planning companies for extra income, Dj's who dapple and have begun marketing their own event planning services.   We found this wonderful article on Huffington Post written by a wedding planner.  Recent Bride, DJs and any other event professionals,  Venue Coordinators, High School Prom Planner, Pop-Up Planner/Photo-Stealers, Wedding Websites and Your Friend, The Great Pretender should all be on your DO NOT HIRE list. 

Hiring a quality professional event planner can decrease your stress and help you create the wedding of your dreams. IDoWED Coordinators specialize  in design, vendor coordination, and day of planning and logistics.   

"Wedding planning is not easy, and the job can be viewed as something that anyone could do. The reality is, my job as a wedding planner is a real job that requires real work and real experience. There is constant education, and the wedding world is evolving everyday. Sometimes it’s not always easy to spot a good wedding planner from a fake one, but if the stitching is frayed and the zipper doesn’t zip, you might be holding a knock-off." Danielle Rothweiler

Hire a professional. The snowpocalypse hit the Boise area with force.  It hit the McCall area as well.  The difference was McCall was a bit more prepared to handle the snow as well as the freezing temperatures.  McCall repeatedly handles major snowfall as well as freezing temperatures.  When faced with Snowpocalypse 2017 one may want to choose McCall over Boise for their preparedness.  Event Coordinators are the same way; choose the one that has experience and is well versed in planning.  Hire a professionals and choose wisely where you invest.