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Ben and Joella

Sherry Scheline


The couples we work with are not only brimming with love, but also with beauty, personality, and humor. And more than anything, our hope is that you are inspired and encouraged. And a simple thank you hardly seems enough. But just know, it is our privilege and our life’s work to bring thoughtfulness, creativity, and light to those who seek it.

— Ben+Joella

It's cold in Idaho.  The snow continues to fall and you continue to eagerly plan.  One of the first event professionals you should add to your team is photography.  Ben and Joella are a husband and wife team that shoot film.  


Your photographer is going to document the most important day of your life.  Your chemistry with them is very important.  Ben and Joella are the couple that you want to invite as guests to your wedding.  You immediately become friends with them and fall in love with their creative hearts.  

— There are some people who can live without wild things and some who cannot.

Aldo Leopold


Ben+Joella are first and foremost in love. Their proposal happened when Ben fooled Joella into thinking they had a photo session (which had in fact been secretly rescheduled). And now, after more than five years of love and photography, they are back to their roots of traditional photographic techniques and shooting film. They are artists, entrepreneurs, educators, philanthropists, and the Northwest's foremost hubby and wife film wedding photography team. 

Ben + Joella share their love as a couple through their art.  They have taken their skills, their passion, and their talent and now share that with you.  

Here are three pointers to choosing the perfect photographer for you.

1. Check their social media  

Social media is very different from their website.  Social media you can see who is connecting to the photographer and how they are connecting to their clients. On instagram check who has tagged them.  If other professionals are tagging them it shows they work well with other vendors and shows their professionalism.

2. Don't let price be the decision maker.

Your photos are so important. Choose your photographer and then decide on the price. Many brides let price be the controlling factor in choosing their photographer. Choose the photographer who you have the best connection with and who has work that you connect with the most.  Don't let price be the primary control factor. 

3. Trust your photographer. Once you have chosen your photographer you have to trust them.  They are the artist, trust them.