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Announcing Your Engagement, A Guide to Social Media Etiquette

Sherry Scheline

Wedding Invitation Suite by Paperie and Pen

Wedding Invitation Suite by Paperie and Pen

Congratulations on your engagement!  It's time for the big announcement to be made.  We are in love with custom invitation suites, really cool save the dates and more; before we get there though you have to announce your engagement.  

Tonight I grabbed a wedding and event book off the shelf and opened it up to the engagement session.  It was so 2002.  Really, it was from 2002. In the last 15 years so much has changed when it comes to announcing that you said "YES."   In 2002 there was no snapchat, instagram, no one was streaming live on facebook and you couldn't video chat your parents from your cell phone.   Things have certainly changed in 15 years but certainly some of the etiquette has not. 

Parents still come first.  Your parents and his parents need to be informed before that social media post occurs. If you are snapping your engagement you need to PAUSE and call your mom. There are a few moments in life when it is essential to unplug and check in and your engagement is one of them.  The excitement is overwhelming and it can be difficult to slow down but be aware of the need for engagement etiquette.

The order of etiquette has not changed, even with the onset of social media. 

1. Children (if you have children they should be told first.)

2. Bride's Parents (If your parents are divorced the bride's mother comes before the bride's father)

3. Groom's Parents

4. Friends and family 

5. Social media is free game.  

Tell your parents in person, if possible      —after all, they’re going to want to give you a hug and see the ring and begin to welcome their new family member.  If they live far away, a phone call is the next-best option.  Facetime, Skype, and other live video feeds have made video communication so user friendly.  Facebook even has a video messenger option for easy use.  

Newspaper announcements???? Are these still a thing?  Years ago having your picture in the society pages was a thing.  Announcing your engagement in the paper was essential.  Only you can determine if an engagement announcement in the newspaper is a need.  If you grew up in a smaller community like McCall, your family may appreciate an announcement in The Star News.

Sharing your engagement photos in a well thought out method on social media is certainly the new "society pages."   Talk to your photographer about how you want your images released.  Openly exchange dialogue in regards to wether or not they have permission to post your images from your engagement shoot.  If you want your friends and family to see them first on your personal instagram talk to your photographer about this at the engagement session. Open the dialogue and do not make the assumption that they know this. 

Happy Engagement!  Now go tell the world!

Wedding Invitation Photos: Tana Photography