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Meadowinds Jayde's Secret Castle

Sherry Scheline

Jayde has a very striking look.  She has "played" bride several times and been a bridesmaid as well and was no stranger to the camera.   When we heard she was getting married a little shock hit when she said she was getting married in Moscow. Moscow, the little University town in Northern Idaho just happens to be home to a beautiful castle on the hill. 

The Palouse is the backdrop and tucked away is this little castle perfect for guests and your private event.  

Meadowinds, Inc. was founded by Ernest and Charlene Brannon of Moscow, Idaho in September of 2005 as a charitable organization focusing on education. They built a stunning home and to accommodate fellow educators desire to worship they built a stunning chapel complete with European old world stained glass and spiral staircases that will amaze you. 

Meadowinds has some versatility due to its size and layout.  Jayde's wedding utilized three locations on the property.  The ceremony was in the gardens, dinner in the chapel, and dancing in the drive.  

Utilizing the Chapel for dinner gives you a beautiful background for your guests and also allows you to be protected should you have unplanned weather mishaps.  

The chapel itself seats 100 persons comfortably and the seating can be adjusted to suit your needs. A stereo system as well as piano and pump organ are available for your use. The chapel is beautiful but so are the other locations around the propert such as "the drive."

Bridesmaids and friends and family made the journey to Moscow to enjoy the event.  The onsite lodging made bridal prep incredibly delightful and allowed the family time to be together and spend time enjoying each other. 

Ellie Asher had previously photographed Jayde in multiple shoots and Jayde loved her work so it was no shock she chose  Ellie Asher Photography. Ellie travels frequently to Idaho and certainly loves the fields in the Palouse country of Moscow. Ellie and her husband Will are a husband wife team that love to tell love stories. 

Our favorite image:  Is this super cute shot of the bride making her way up to the groom.  The Groom towers well over 6 feet and so the beautiful Jayde needed a but of a boost.