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Makeup LOVE

Sherry Scheline

tianna snapchat

Hi!  My name is Tianna and I am 13.  I LOVE Makeup!  It was several months back that I found Kryssa Gough through IDoWED and I fell in love.   I really love her makeup tutorials and I think she is beautiful.  My aunt owns IDoWED and today she let me take over her social media.  I am making it ALL about makeup. 

Here are my TOP 5 makeup FAVORITES:

1. Youtube

Kryssa Gough without a doubt. 

Kryssa offers advice, demonstrations and does a great job.  

2. Favorite makeup: Miranda Hale from MNM Makeup Studios. 

Miranda is so rippin' beautiful!  

mnm makeup

Every picture of her... #MakeupOnPoint.  #SuperheroMakeupStatus She's goals!


3. Favorite Instagram.   BLUSH EEEK! Im in love!  Their IG has the BEST PRODUCT suggestions EVER!  

4. Best Natural Look : Gabrielle Marcantonio

If you are looking to look natural and beautiful then Gabby is the girl. She does amazing natural makeup!

5. Best logo: MUAH 


Last is the person I think is MOST beautiful and has the prettiest makeup and it's Lauren.

lauren stopher

Lauren is so gorgeous! She has rippin' makeup everyday! Be sure to check me out today as I take over my aunts social media.