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Winter Skin

Sherry Scheline

Overcoming Winter Skin Blues

Wintertime here in Idaho is beautiful but can be brutal on your delicate skin.  The harsh cold and dry climate can make the skin dull, chapped, cracked or even flaky.

Here are my favorite products and tips to keep your skin glowing throughout the winter season and moving in to spring!



  1. Incorporate a non-abrasive sloughing treatment such as the Ultraluxe Enzyme Peeling Cream

Pumpkin Enzymes and Cardamom Extract help to gently remove dead skin and sebum that can clog pores.  A gentle exfoliation treatment will prepare your skin for maximum results with serums and moisturizers while eliminating build up of impurities.  



2. Give your skin a boost! One of the best ways to achieve that flawless glow is to nourish your skin with Rose Hip Seed Oil.  

My clients and I are obsessed with the M. Steves Nourishing Boost, which is a fast absorbing, lightweight, hydrating oil for all ages and skin types.  

Pure, cold pressed RHSO (Rose Hip Seed Oil) intensely hydrates and nourishes skin while a concentrated, naturally derived extract called GATULINE IN-TENSE, proven to make skin look firmer, works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Leaves skin more even and brighter with a luminous glow!

3. Moisturize your skin with a pH balanced moisture cream like the Ultraluxe Hydrasoft Cream.

 The ultimate hydration for dry, chapped or mature skin.  Formulated with Shea Butter to protect, replenish and soothe dry skin, Plant Ceramides to naturally help skin retain its moisture, and Vitamin E to help fight free-radical scavengers and reduce irritation.  This cream is ideal for dry, windy, and cold climates.

4. Nourish and hydrate your entire body with The Good Stuff Radiance Oil by May Lindstrom.

This total body elixir pairs exquisite nourishment from a succulent blend of plant oils with an infusion of translucent golden minerals to release skin from years of dullness and reset your natural vitality for an unprecedented dewy glow.  The Good Stuff oil is a rich and decadent marriage of cocoa, rose, lavender, and ylang ylang to tantalize your senses while enveloping your skin in luxurious hydration.


5.Lastly, drinking water is always a great way to keep the skin looking fresh and youthful!

You want to be drinking 3 liters a day if you can.  I just love the BKR bottles that are glass and have a chic silicone sleeve.  They come in different beautiful colors and makes drinking water an enjoyable experience!





All products available at Blush by Jamie Rose. Blush is a luxury beauty boutique that carries specialty cosmetics, skincare, body-care, candles, and fine fragrances. Blush also provides professional makeup services and custom fragrance blending from their signature Scent Bar. If you are wanting to explore a new look, looking to treat yourself to something beautiful, or simply looking for amazing new beauty products, Blush is your place!  


405 S. 8th St. #109 Boise, ID 83702



Ultraluxe Enzyme Peeling Cream $48.00


M. Steves Nourishing Boost $68.00

Ultraluxe Hydrasoft Cream $79.00

May Lindstrom The Good Stuff $110.00

BKR Glass Bottles $35.00


About the Author, Jamie Rose Verner

For over eighteen years, Jamie has been working as a beauty advisor and makeup artist for “A” list client’s all over the world.  Some of the most celebrated brands within cosmetics and the makeup industry consider her to be one of the top advisors and artists in the industry.  Jamie is also the founder and CEO of Blush by Jamie Rose, a luxury beauty boutique located in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho.