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Danielle & Daviel The Luxe Pearl

Sherry Scheline


Date: February 22, 2016

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“Danielle & Daviel had an opportunity to relive their wedding day on Still Water Hollow’s quaint, rustic, Idaho wedding venue complete with a Little White Chapel built in 1899 & a country village. It was a classy affair with 2 wedding dresses – one which was hand stitched, designed, and had pockets specifically for Danielle. Who said you only have to have 1 dress? Bold floral, gold accents, & a dusting of snow adorned the venue creating a beautiful winter wonderland in which a Bride could get lost in. A delicious 3 tier, vanilla sponge, naked cake with oreo cookie filling for the child at heart was as much a hit as the serenading harp music & their pets: Great Dane “Bear” & 10 year old cat “Fat Louie”. It’s a sweet story really. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Circle “yes” or “no”. Danielle & Daviel met in Idaho in the 7th grade, instantly became best of friends, held hands for the first time in a movie theater, and the rest is history. Or, rather the future. “I think we actually began to understand love & the feelings that we had for each other once we began high school. But to this day, honestly, we fall more in love with each other each & every day.” Their laughter was electric & their connection undeniable. Daviel proposed to Danielle at her Aunt’s home in IDAHO. The engagement ring; It was a family heirloom which belonged to her Aunt and had symbolized a very long & loving marriage; the sentiment behind the ring is priceless. “He truly is my favorite person in the world, & I wouldn’t change him for anything […] He had got down on one knee and told me ‘I have been waiting for this moment for over 7 years, I knew I wanted to marry you from the moment we met. I love you so amazingly much and am so grateful to have someone like you in my life. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?’. at that moment I felt so overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Considering we had been together since 7th grade, this was something that I had dreamed of for years! And to be honest I was in shock when he actually got down on his knee; I thought the moment would never actually happen. I absolutely love him with every ounce in my body and he truly is my best friend. I can tell him anything, no matter what it may be and expect no judgment whatsoever.” The day for their wedding came & unfortunate circumstances along with it. Danielle & Daviel were without a Photographer despite making plans months in advance. “I originally had a photographer all set up, months in advance. The day of the wedding the time came for me to get ready and the photographer had still not arrived. I thought maybe she was just running late so did not bother calling. Time passed and before I knew it we were 2 hours out from the wedding still with no photographer. My aunt had given her a call and she told her that I was also responsible for gas money, all while she had still not left for the 2 hour drive to the wedding itself. I decided it would be pointless for her to come, considering she would have arrived mid ceremony and decided to fire her. This unfortunate situation left me with little to no wedding pictures, and the ones that I did get most were poor quality.'”

Photographer:  Soft Elegance Photography//Floral Designer: Boise At Its Best Flowers//Hair Stylist: Breein North – Hair & Makeup//Other: IDoWED//Makeup Artist: NW Makeup Artistry//Calligrapher: Sarah Pearl Studio//Other: Small Raven Films//Dress Designer: Something Old, Something New Boutique//Event Venue: Still Water Hollow//Bakery: Stevi Raff Cake Design//

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