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Kiss and Makeup

Sherry Scheline

For those that watch MNM Makeup Studios on social media you are aware of some of the concerns in the wedding and event industry for freelance makeup artists.  

MnM Makeup put together a petition to be signed to help bring awareness to the Idaho laws potentially hurting freelance artists in the industry. Freelance Petition : HERE

Please help us and sign M•N•M beauty's petition so we can work legally and perform our passion.
In the state of Idaho it is illegal for any hair stylist or makeup artist to charge and perform services on off site locations. (McCall, hotels; homes and sets) This doesn't just affect our income but this effects a whole group of local businesses.
We have a huge wedding, pagaent and fitness industry here in idaho that requires hair and makeup to be on location sites and travel. Photographers and videographers depend on us to help make their projects easy. We also have a growing entertainment industry that requires hair and make for film. The freelance industry is growing.Thanks to social media more people are wanting the convenience of a makeup artist or hairstylist on site.
Idaho's laws have not been updated since 1997 and its affecting our community. It states you can not perform these services with our without a license.
They board of cosmetology is trying to get us to stop working .
Can you imagine not having a make up artist and hairstylist at your wedding? M•N•M is determined to get a bill passed and change the law to make it legal for all local stylists and artists to work legally and get paid to do so.
MNM won't stop until it's we have made a difference
Please help us by signing this petition.
Thank you ❤
Micalah, Nadia and Miranda

The IDAHO BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY 's Mission Statement is:

To help safeguard the public health, safety and welfare through the licensure and regulation of cosmetology practitioners and salons in Idaho.

The unfortunate part about the mission statement is it does not include a clause about encouraging small business and helping young artists. 

There are a few concerns with the current licensing laws.  One is who can actively offer services and one is the location in which those services can be offered.  

Those of us in the industry can safely agree that clarification regarding the regulations need to occur.   Title 54 Chapter 8 has existed for quite some time.  Recently the "rules"  began to be enforced.  Title 54 Chapter 8  is some lengthy reading but it does outline the numerous rules regarding cosmeticians.   

IDoWED believes in supporting event professions that follow regulations and file the appropriate licenses and pay the correct sales taxes.  We in no way condone violating the Title 54 rules; we just firmly believe that change needs to occur and clarification regarding regulations need to happen.  

Please sign the petition and support your local makeup artists.