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A Ranch Style Engagement

Sherry Scheline

Christmas has wrapped up and many of you are sharing your newly acquired jewelry and getting excited about planning a wedding.  We are going to feature some of our favorite engagement sessions to get you excited and inspired. 

 "Trevor and the strikingly gorgeous Jena, opened the doors to their new home and Trevor’s childhood home to me without the slightest hesitation. In fact, I would venture that this uninhibited hospitality is something they show everyone who visits their ranch. And the pride in Trevor’s voice when he talks about the work his family has done and the dreams he has for the future of these ranches reminds me of the way my father talks about ours. It’s a language I understand and a language I speak." Shana Bailey Photographer

Trevor and Jena are the perfect subjects.  The delight of these photos was that Shana Bailey, the photographer, captured everything about them.  Trevor's western heritage, Jena's style savvy appearance and most importantly their love and ability to laugh with each other, all captured in pictures.

We love watching Trevor compete in steer wrestling.  He has been a Wrangler favorite for years. Cheering him on at the Caldwell Night Rodeo to watching him walk down the aisle in 2017 we are huge Trevor Knowles fans.  

The highlight of his winter was getting engaged to Jena Lee Venturacci last January. He spent much of the spring ranching, then hit the rodeo trail again in the summer where he has traditionally had most of his success. Now he and Jena are busy planning a wedding. 

IDoWED is not the only one that has seen that they are a perfect couple.  The above picture fits right in with their engagement shots, but it is from a Wrangler ad.  Jena and Trevor certainly raise the bar.   

Wedding planning is in full swing and Jena is happily using IDoWED partners.  We are delighted that she is choosing some of the best wedding professionals in the industry.  We are looking forward to their Idaho wedding.