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Winter Bride

Sherry Scheline

In celebration of the first day of winter we have put together our "Top 10 Favorite Winter Brides." 

10. Find Your Winter Style

This boho styled wedding shoot was taken by  Bon Vivant Studios.  It features this beautiful gown from Margenes Bridal and hair and makeup by Beaute by Kryssa.  Perfecting the look is adding a simple winter element like a fur wrap to limit some of the chill and provide and classy winter look.  Find your winter style, wether its boho or winter chic. 

9. Winter Floral

These shots are by Two Bird Studio and they truly capture the beauty of the day.  Have your photographer capture you and the snow.  The simplest moments make the best photos.   Create color for your winter wedding with big bouquets like this one from Flowers At Will. 

8. Timeless Winter Bride

This Wedding is a bit of a throwback.  We featured it in one of our first issues. It is important to remember in getting the perfect winter wedding shot you want it to be timeless.  Forego some of the current trends and have your photographer shoot pictures that are going to remind you of the best day of your life without saying "what was I thinking." Benj Haisch

7. Warmth Of Winter

Typically a February in McCall, Idaho you can not find a piece of ground not covered in white.  Brittany's wedding though it was unseasonably warm.  Don't bank on the weather no matter what time of the year your event is.  Cimbalik Photography

6. Chase The Light

Photography is like 1% good camera, 1% good subject, 3%  pure talent, 5% magic and 90% good lighting.    Chasing the light is incredibly important.  Hiring an experienced photographer who understands the changes in the sunlight seasonally is incredibly important.  I am not a photographer so I really have no idea what I am talking about, but I can tell you a good photographer is worried about time not because they want you to have your toast right at 6:30 and cut the cake by 7.  They are worried about time because they know that in McCall you need to be outside by 7:52 p.m. to catch the light.    Winter photography is the same.  Find a photographer who knows your area and can capture the light.  Two bird Studio knows the McCall sun schedule.   Magic happens not because you are a magician, magic happens because you have a good photographer. 

5. Baby It's Cold Outside

It's ok to wear sleeves.  Sleeves are currently trending, but even if they are not they are alwaus appropriate in the winter.  Go ahead and cover those arms.  Baby, it's cold outside.  Soft Elegance Photography captured this bride in her dress from Something Old Something New in Eagle.  The beautiful bouquet was designed by Boise at It's Best Flowers and was the perfect accent. 

4. Be adventureous

Climb it, enjoy it, throw it, embrace it. The snow is an awesome thing.  Let it be part of your day.  Capture winter.  Christine Marie Studios did a beautiful job sharing the beauty of winter. 

3. Switch It Up

Switch up your apparel from ceremony to reception.  Grab pictures in both gowns. switch up your footwear with snow boots.  Switching things up can help you keep your gown nice and allow you to have some fun with your pictures.  Switch it up from your footwear to your gown. Tana Photography

2. Add winter elements

Winter weddings people often stear away from certain things to avoid the wedding looking to much like "christmas"; do not make this mistake.  Those winter elements although done at Christmas; the holiday does not hold ownership of them.  Use elements that you may view as traditional in your event.  From the glow of lights, to the snow on trees, sipping cider by the fire, a sleigh ride; these may be associated with the holiday but allow them to be part of your day as well.  Cimbalik Photography

1. Hire a Winter Wedding Planner

There are all sorts of things right about our #1 winter wedding bride.  Everything about this wedding was carefully planned, vendors curated from the best, moments and timing defined perfectly.   

 Soiree Weddings carefully planned and designed this event to be flawless and without noticeable hiccups.  Having a well seasoned planner who knows the unpredictability of the weather, etc... is keenly important.  Hire an experienced event planner if you are planning the perfect Idaho wedding. 


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