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Love Wins in Idaho

Sherry Scheline

December has come and that means we are celebrating the holidays.  The holidays are filled with giving and we wanted to post a blog series on the greatest gift: LOVE.  Each week in December we will be posting more from this couples LOVE STORY.  

Chelsea and Evangeline are fighters and have been two women who helped lay the path towards equality in Idaho.  Each week between now and Christmas we will feature a blog on Van and Chelsea and their inspirational tale of love, courage, and their path to happiness. 

Idaho was not a pioneer state on gay marriage.  Idaho continues to not be a leader in equal rights. Individuals like Evangeline and Chelsea continue to go against the grain and fight for their place from marriage equality to individual freedoms.  Evangeline and Chelsea are leaders in Idaho and have worked to bring change. 

IDoWED is honored to be part of this story.  

In the last month our country has seen a divide.  The divide is not a new divide it simple appears to be a larger divide.  In Idaho making a post regarding same sex marriage is still met with apprehension.  What will our conservative readership think?  Will we have brides that choose to use another source?  Will we loose readership?  National publications such as Wedding Wire and The Knot do not have this worry, but yet it remains in smaller publications like IDoWED.  Small businesses continue to have politics and fear govern who we are as a business.  

We want to be the change the world needs to see.  In everything we do we choose to be kind. We choose to share kindness.  We choose to accept kindness.  We choose to believe the world can become a kinder place.  We also believe LOVE will always WIN. 

The following dialogue was written and shared by Senator Cherie Buckner Webb at #Beechlinc 


It is not by happenstance that these two dynamic women come together this day.

They were, without doubt, destined to be; both determined, passionate, focused.

Evangeline and Chelsea, two young women of strength: strong will, strong opinion, strong conviction, strong allegiance to equity, fairness, justice and love.

They were traveling independently in the same orbit for a time… walking in the same circles, caring about the same stuff, with no knowledge of one another.

And then… an interest, as fate would ordain, an unlikely player, dare I say, a most peculiar person, a player on the political scene brought them together.  Who would have thought Tom Luna would be a catalyst for Evangeline and Chelsea to connect!  Thanks yet again for the recall of the Luna Laws!

And so let the record show, it was the start of something big. In three years, this dynamic activist duo has traveled widely making huge impact in communities, giving a voice to those who had none, sharing a message of possibilities, training, encouraging and somehow, simultaneously, developing an ever deepening respect, care and love for each other.  

Because you are wise women
we celebrate your wisdom.

Because you are strong women
we celebrate your strength.

Because you are magical women
we celebrate your magic.

My sisters, we are gathered here to speak your
We are here because we celebrate that you have set out

into the world to make your mark,
and to see what you see, and to be what you be.


We celebrate that you have chosen to join forces in a mighty way  

To move forward together, better, truer, deeper
Sharing the phenomenal beauty of your incandescent lives.


We are here to speak your names

Because we have enough sense to know
That you are powerful beyond measure
That you are walking in footprints made deep by the confident strides.


We are here to speak your names
Because we celebrate your individual uniqueness

And the power of your coming together.


We speak your names

Because we honor, recognize and cherish your love, laughter and commitment for each other.


We speak your names

Because we love you

And we reap the benefits of the sacrifices you’ve made

And the trouble you caused!


We speak your names for the rules you have broken

And the new ways of being you’ve crafted.

We speak your names as we stand in the light of your joy,

In the pleasure of your company,

And have the honor to celebrate with you this day.


Please hear the jubilant beat of our collective hearts as we

Speak your names!

Evangeline and Chelsea --  we love you!


Senator Cherie Buckner Webb

Photos: Crissie McDowell

Makeup: Blush