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Details Are In The Rentals

Sherry Scheline



Every blushing bride starts with a ring. Every delectable meal starts with a menu. And every perfectly set table top covered in sparkling candle light and cascading floral arrangements begins with simply that; a table.


Designing your wedding all begins with a feeling. A feeling that you carry for the person who will be standing across the aisle from you on the day that you’ve picked to start your journey together. From the walls around you to the green beneath you to the water beside you, making sure that same feeling is carried out in the components needed for your wedding venue is what a rental company strives to help with.  Utilizing the pieces that this type of company offers can help give you a strong starting point in the physical design of the space you’re hoping to create.


Whether you’re planning a casual backyard reception with folding chairs and cocktail tables, or a sit down dinner with linens and china, or a mountain-side soiree with farm tables and bistro lights, the inventory found at a rental company can expand the possibilities of your dream event and turn it into a reality. With the ever-changing influence of entities like Pinterest, rental companies are constantly looking for the latest trends and designs they can carry in its inventory to help guide their customers in the planning process.


One specific trend that is popping up more and more is the want for natural looking elements. Farm tables and rustic crossback chairs have made their debut in the rental world and often have multiple reservations set before inventory has even been shipped out. Brides have made it known that in their quest to be in the outdoors, they want components that will match the look they’re striving to achieve.

Natural elements carry a feeling of simplicity. No matter what the current trend is, it is always important to remember that each bride is different. Not every trend is going to fit every person’s personality. The start to every great event is tables and chairs, from there, the rest is up to you.