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Boise Beauty Hair Care

Sherry Scheline

Hello bride to be! 

We know there are so many fun, yet daunting, tasks for you to do in preparation for your special day. It is important that your hair doesn't get overlooked so you aren't scrambling last minute. No one wants to end up with the dress of your dreams with "meh" hair to top it off. Have no fear! We have compiled some of our best tips to keep you and your hair on track! 


  That's right, hop on your Pinterest and start pinning your heart out with hair style inspiration. Visuals are important and you'll most likely start noticing a trend of the types of styles that just make your heart throb. 

Consider the time of year, theme, dress style, and what is realistic for your hair. 


  Now is the time to start doing a little soul searching. Close your eyes and imagine you on your wedding day. What's your length and color like? Is it similar to what you have now, or totally different? Once you have come to that conclusion be sure to talk to your stylist and let them know the goal you want to work towards. Do not, I repeat, do not make a wild change too soon to your wedding. Wait until after to chop off your long locks or go from blonde to red. Trust me, last minute drastic changes almost always end up with more headache and that's the last thing you need.


  It is highly recommended to ask your stylist about using Olaplex or B3 (Brazilian Bond Builder) to protect, repair and restore the bonds in your hair during the coloring process. Those products truly make a difference and are worth adding on to give you the best healthy hair you can achieve. 

Before you leave the salon it is also crucial that you invest in professional hair product. You spend good money on that color, you don't want to go home and ruin it with bad product. Professional shampoo and conditioner is your hair warranty!! I can't stress that enough.

If your hair is very dry and damaged, ask your stylist about deep conditioning treatments. 


  It is never too soon to book your bridal hair specialist. The sooner the better because once you have your heart set on someone you can hopefully get on their schedule! Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind and is one less stress on the morning of. You'll get to sit back, relax, and let the magic happen! It's a special day so why not treat yourself!? 

Do your research to find someone experienced, talented, and reliable! There are endless ways to find a qualified bridal hair stylist. Ask your usual stylist if they have someone they would suggest, ask your friends and family for recommendations, go online and read reviews. Happy hunting!


  Once you find your bridal hair stylist, find out if they are available for your date first and foremost! Then book your trial run with them so you can meet, chat, come up with a realistic game plan for your hair, and try it out! This is the right time to bring your accessories whether it be a veil, a flower crown, special pins, headband etc to incorporate that during the trial run. You might find out that the style you want requires extensions to achieve that va va voom look. If you don't like something or want the hair adjusted be sure to speak up. We want you to be as happy as you can be! We are not mind readers but are more than happy when a bride can communicate so we know what adjustments you would like to see! A trial run is like a first date, you're both just getting to know each other and that communication is key!


  Ok so you have done all the things, now what? Here are some of our day of tips to get through the day! 

Talk to your stylist about how they want your hair the morning of. 

Each person is different but most of the time 24 hour "dirty" hair is a safe rule of thumb. Not too clean, not too greasy! 

We normally have big bridal parties scheduled and ask that they all also have their hair completely dry so we stay on track and don't waste precious time drying hair. 

Be sure you and anyone else getting hair done knows to wear a shirt or robe that is easy to take off. Button up shirts and robes are popular to keep from messing up your beautiful style. T Shirts are an obvious no no.

In case of an emergency having hairspray on hand and asking the stylist for a couple extra bobby pins before they leave just might save the day! 


Congratulations to each and every bride, wishing you a good hair day and a lifetime of happiness with the love of your life!


Erica Mohammadi 

Co-Owner MUAH Salon 


1197 W Main St

Boise, Idaho



Call (208) 724-2832

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