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McCall Is The New Vegas

Sherry Scheline

What happens in McCall Stays in McCall


Traditional Vegas trips are being scratched for relaxing mountain getaways.  McCall has become the ultimate "Bachelorette Getaway."  From spa days at The Cove to the night life we have tips and secrets.


1. Invitations 

Paper products for an event set the stage wether it is a wedding, a birthday and yes a bachelorette party.  Use your invitation process to explain lodging, schedules, and costs.  It is a great way to set forth some expectations.  If you have created an event page on social media this is a great time to exchange that as well.  Traditional paper invites continue to outweigh a social media invite for bachelorette parties. 


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2. Plan for RELAXATION

The party will happen but make sure you secure your reservations for relaxation. Large parties it is important to plan in advance.  Secure the reservation.  We recommend The Cove Spa at Shorelodge as your ticket to relaxation.  The Cove is tucked inside the luxurious Shorelodge and is the perfect day excursion. Escape to the immersion pools, where lounging and lollygagging are the only requirements. Bring your bathing suit and retreat to the indoor pool where you can evade the elements and enjoy the serenity. Or venture to the outdoor pool where you are surrounded by nature and all its glory. These saltwater immersion pools may be McCall’s best-kept secrets, so keep them hush-hush.   Each of the attendees can choose from the treatment menu. While the bride is getting the full treatment the rest of the party can enjoy mimosas poolside.  No need to leave The Cove offers a full menu and each girl can order a light lunch independently.


3. The Party

One of everyone's favorite parts of McCall is the shores of Payette Lake. The party does not have to be far from the water.  Anchor Restaurant and The Yacht Club are centrally located in downtown McCall and are a perfect location for Bachelorette Party headquarters.  Call ahead to the Yacht Club for VIP service and let your girls know that the "naughty yachty" is ground zero for your Bride Tribe.


4. Identify your Party

Wether it be to assist the bride in scoring more drinks, or so the party does not get split up identify your party.  The bride-to-be can wear white while other all wear black or you can opt for matching cute themed wear. Themed wear can work as not only a great outfit, but a souvenir of the event.


5. Lodging

Houses are better than hotels.  Keep everyone as close as possible and create common living space for the weekend.  Renting a house is a great alternative to hotels because you can have a shared space for bachelorette partygames and more.  Done Right Management in McCall is your large home rental specialist.  They have homes that sleep up to 50 people.  Call them and discuss your desired location, your attendees, and plan a relaxing weekend.


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Photography by Cimbalik Photography

The Gathering Place 

DoneRight Management

The Yacht Club

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