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Say Thank You

Sherry Scheline

Most couples dread handwriting 100+ personalized notes however the deed must be done. Your thank you notes and appreciations should include your vendors and your friends who went the extra mile for you on your special day.

Gift Stores like Wildflower, Camille Beckman and printshop McCall carry thank you cards from companies like Rifle Paper Co. that personalize your thank you to your vendor.

Sooner rather than later (that's the rule).  A month after you return from the honeymoon the thank you and appreciation gifts should be all delivered. Make the chore more manageable do it together.  It is not a divide and conquer it is a work together, the first fun activity as a married couple, okay okay maybe not so fun but the first thing as a couple.  Open a bottle of wine, do it together, and soon you'll be back to using all your new gadgets and gifts rather than writing about them. 

Gifts?  I know gifts are what you are thanking people for but in your moments of appreciation stop and think about your event. Did one of your friends save the day?  Did your wedding coordinator do something outstanding?  Perhaps you witnesses the DJ being extra kind to your drunk bridesmaid who kept requesting the same song literally 100x.  Those people perhaps need a little bit more of a thank you.   Small gifts like the Voluspa candle from Blush or a dinner gift certificate to a local favorite like Le Coq Dor are a great way to offer a simple thank you.  

Your mother also needs a special thank you.  Thanking her in the heat of the wedding is important and certainly should occur. A few months after the honeymoon when life has settled and the thank you cards are sent; remember your mom.  A spa day at The Grove Spa is the perfect thank you.  Schedule a day for you and your mom and take her for a day in downtown Boise.  Spa, lunch and relaxation.

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie