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Bridal Skin 101

Kryssa Gough

HELP! Wedding stress has your skin a mess!

Article by Kryssa Gough

As a professional makeup artist, I cannot begin to tell you how common it is for brides to panic about the condition of their skin leading up to the wedding day. Typically, their skin is acting unrecognizable and they don't know what to do. Good news! I have some tips and tricks that just might help smooth over the scary situation before your big day.

Almost 2 years ago, prior to my wedding, I had forehead breakouts and was extremely self conscious. Everything in my little world would be great as long as those blemishes decided to disappear before our nuptials. Unfortunately, they didn't-but I hired a talented makeup artist who made my bridal dreams come true and I felt stunning as I walked down the aisle. I am telling you this story to remind you that it's all going to be okay. Now, as a professional makeup artist, there isn't much we CAN'T do when it comes to perfecting your skin on the big day. In the mean time, here are a few key tips to keep your skin looking as healthy and beautiful as possible leading up to your wedding day.

1. See a professional skincare consultant.

I am not an esthetician nor do I claim to be however, I have had consultations with several in the industry and they have guided me towards the right products and regime for my skin. I always recommend this first to clients who are dealing with troublesome skin.

2. Don't touch it!

Here's the hard one-don't even entertain the idea of popping a pimple! Irritated blemishes can takes days and sometimes weeks to heal. Unfortunately, once they are healed they typically leave a dry or dark demarcation on the surface of the skin which can be even harder to cover with makeup. We've all been there and I am telling you, it is best to do your nightly regime without looking into the deep dark depths of your pores and put your hiney to bed.

3. Rest is best.

Sleep. What a beautifully uncommon concept when the stress of a wedding is weighing down on you. Did you know your skin physically repairs itself while you are sleeping? It's pretty incredible and worth taking advantage of when your skin is having a tough time!

4. Hydration game strong!

Drink plenty of water on a daily basis. If you feel like you're drinking tons of water, it's still probably not enough. You would not believe the benefits of hydrating from the inside out! Drinking plenty of water will help your skin to be more supple and luminous while improving skin tone and texture. Drink up, ladies!

5. A routine regime.

A healthy skincare regime can dramatically improve your skin for the better. Cleanse your skin day and night. Use a gentle cleanser specified to your skin type for day in and day out cleansing. Don't over exfoliate. While you might think scrubs and exfoliants are good when experiencing texture on your skin, they can prove to be quite the opposite, irritating and resurfacing bothersome pores. Common uses for exfoliants are only 1-2 times per week. Moisturize regularly. Whether your skin is oily or dry, there are reasons your skin is starving for attention. Speak to a skincare consultant to find the best moisturizing serum, oil or cream for your skin but don't deprive it any longer.



If you find yourself in a panic from troublesome skin leading up to the big day, remember this: there are skincare professionals who can help you address your concerns. As a professional makeup artist, I typically don't know who will end up in my chair, but I do know how to make them look and feel beautiful! Today, there is an abundance of information and technology which allows professionals to perform at an outstanding level for clients. As for my final advice: embrace your beauty. Regardless of your skin situation, nothing can take away from the beautiful bride your future husband sees.