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Wedding Day Skin

Sherry Scheline

Winter skin has set in.  It's dry, and looses shine and often makes you feel like a crocodile instead of a snow bunny.  Top it off and you just got engaged over the holidays and want to look perfect in your pictures showing off your ring.   Shunly Skincare is a company here in Idaho that is ready to help. 

Shunly Skin Care Philosophy

Over the years Shunly Skin Care researched how to deliver highly effective skincare products. This is achieved by blending the most powerful ingredients in a concentration that would ensure one of the 3 SkinCareActs™ — Skin Prevention, Skin Protection and Skin Correction.

If you are planning a summer wedding START NOW on your skin care plan. 

With mixtures prepared in such a way, each drop is important for skin treatment – you receive A Bottle Full of SkinCare® that provides the ultimate 3 SkinCareActs™ regime for you to enjoy the look of beautiful, healthy skin at any age.

Find a younger you and start preparing now for your summer wedding.  It will also help you to get back some of that shine you had before winter set in so that you can look perfect for your engagement photos. 

They offer our complete line for Aesthetician’s, Dermatologist’s, and skin care professionals worldwide. Please contact them by e-mail at for more information.

Shunly Skin Care LLC

P O BOX 1677

Meridian, ID 83680