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I'm Going to Hire My Friend

Sherry Scheline

I'm Going to Hire My Friend

I'm going to hire my friend.

My college room-mate is going to do my makeup.

My cousin is a photographer. 

My aunt's sister-in-law is going to cater.

YIKES YIKES YIKES!  We have heard them all!  Your cousin is an amateur photographer, your aunt wants to arrange your flowers. While it sounds tempting to save a little money and perhaps it may even be hard to say, "no" it may be the best word in the world before you say "I Do."

When you hire a professional you get what you pay for. Your wedding day is not one that you want to risk using a non-professional.  True professionals can easily be vetted. Professionals charge for their services because they are good at it. 

Should something drastically awful occur you have ability to take action. If you choose the friends and family route you limit your recourse.  

The old saying "you think it's expensive to hire a professional try hiring an amateur" never rings truer than when it comes to your wedding. We wanted to give you 3 reasons to choose a professional and forego your aunt, your cousin, and your dear friend.

1. They're Experienced: This is most likely your first time planning a wedding.  NO fear your professionals do this every week.  They know what to expect. Professionals from the photographer to the DJ know how to keep your event on track. They get married every weekend. Paying for experience is worth every penny. 

2. You're Protected: We know that family and friends mean the world to you.  You want to protect them and they want to protect you.  Using a professionals gives you protection from potential disasters that could stop you having the wedding of your dreams. Professionals do not just offer tangible protection like event insurance, refund policies, and recourse should thinks disastrously fall apart. The ultimate protection is the ability to save friendships and avoid family squabbles and disagreements.

3. Enjoy The Party allow your friends and family the ability to enjoy the day. Your family loves you and support you but they would love to be "guests" at your wedding.  Your aunt that agreed to do your flowers would love to sit with her husband and take her turn out on the dance floor.  The friend who agreed to take pictures for you would like to get caught up flirting with that single bridesmaid. Your friends and family want to enjoy the evening.  Let them PARTY.  

Choose professionals and leave the wedding planning, photography, catering and makeup to the professionals.



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