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Beauty Files: Teeth Cleaning Schedule

Sherry Scheline

If you have come to our blog most likely you are planning an Idaho Wedding.  Today, I was at the dentist's office getting my teeth cleaned and when I finished up they were ready to schedule me for March. March???  EEEKKSS I can sometimes hardly keep next week straight let alone March. On the drive home it hit me if you are getting married March planning is exactly what you need to be doing.  If you are planning a 2016 wedding right now is confirmation crunch time.  Those logistics need to start being nailed down.  

Teeth are an often overlooked aspect of bridal beauty.  Yet your smile is crucial to your big day.  Cleaning at Dr. Charles Dentistry in McCall, Idaho is under a $100.  You should schedule in 2 dental visits for cleaning on your wedding schedule.  the first should be approximately 13 months prior to your wedding day.  13 months gives you ample time should you choose to discuss cosmetic dentistry with your dental professional.  Typical cleanings are every 6 months and so this 13 month window gives you the opportunity for an additional 2 cleanings prior to your big day. 

You are going to pay $50-$100 for your nails, $50-$350 for your hair, $50-$500 for makeup why would you not invest $100 into your smile.  This blog is not a harsh lecture about proper dental care it is rather a simple reminder to schedule in your dental visits to make sure your smile looks the best it can on your wedding day.