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Detail by Detail

Sherry Scheline

photo by Ampersand

photo by Ampersand

Personalizing Your Wedding, Detail by Detail:  by Brandi Reiland 

Every bride dreams of their wedding at some point- whether it’s right after they become engaged or right after their third birthday and ensuring it is beautiful and elegant is usually at the top of the list. But more and more brides are putting more emphasis on infusing personality into the wedding these days, and we can’t be happier about it.

You can deck your party out to the nines with décor and flowers, but if you haven’t put elements of you into it, your guests just won’t get the same impact or the experience. The fact is, your guests are attending your wedding to celebrate a new union on the surface, but underneath it all they are celebrating you both and your new lives to come. After all, it was your unique backgrounds, hobbies, and interests that brought you together in the first place. By incorporating bits and pieces of your stories into the wedding, you not only create a highly personalized occasion, but you also instantly bring comfort and familiarity to your guests, which automatically lends to an incredible experience. So how do you personalize your wedding with style? Here are some of our favorite ways.

Start with Lifestyle

How you live your life is the key to designing your wedding- it embodies so many details. Take a look around your house- would you describe it as clean lined and modern? Or are you more of a shabby chic girl? Do you find yourself happiest surrounded in lots of color, or do neutrals calm you and bring a smile to your face? And look at how you live your lives together- do you love going to the farmers market every Saturday? Maybe a Farm to Table style menu would be perfect for you. Many brides make the mistake of trying to make their wedding into something they’re just not; a pink and green wedding for a bride that wears mostly classic neutrals probably isn’t going to make you as happy as a serene olive and espresso palette would have.

Incorporate Hobbies and Interests

Are you movie or literature buffs? Or maybe cycling is your favorite activity. Don’t be afraid to add nuances of your favorites into your wedding. They can be big or small details, from a small graphic on a table number to having something incorporated into your centerpiece design. We’ve seen vintage style maps used as part of invitations for a travel-loving couple and personalized whiskey bars as a nod to a spirits lover in the family. The more you let your guests peek into your lives together the more of an emotional experience you’ll create for them.

Represent the Locale

If you’re planning a destination wedding, consider introducing your guests to elements that represent the location. Maybe it’s a certain type of food or wine the region is known for (Huckleberry in Idaho, anyone?) or maybe it’s keeping the design and décor in line with your surroundings- an outdoor lakeside wedding might not mesh too well with gigantic ballroom-style centerpieces. 

Welcome gifts are a great way to give your guests a glimpse into the location you’re inviting them to : gift them with some necessities for the weekend like water and snacks, but include some region-specific goodies with a note explaining the significance. Using local vendors and resources will ensure an authentic welcome package and set the tone for the weekend to come.

photo by Ampersand

photo by Ampersand


Pay Attention to the Menu

Food is one of the highest experience-building elements of a wedding and remember that people eat with their eyes first. Planning your menu to match your style, interests, and party dynamics is so important, but is unfortunately often overlooked. Food is also one of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding too; a southern bride might have mini shooters of homemade gumbo as an appetizer, while grandma’s famous recipe for cookies would never go unnoticed by your guests.

A surprise late night snack comprised of the bride or groom’s favorite fare goes a

long way and we’ve seen everything from Krispy Crème donuts to taco bars to hot dog stands. Or maybe having a menu that represents where you both grew up  your guests from opposite regions will love trying out new things. And finally, consider how you want your party to feel and flow. Do you want everyone mingling all night, or would you rather a more intimate dinner party feel?

How the food is served will make a big impact on the experience so do discuss your options and vision for the wedding with your caterer before deciding on a menu.

Brandi Reiland, Owner + Creative Director of Soiree Weddings

photography by Ampersand Studios