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Rain on Your Wedding Day is Good Luck

Sherry Scheline

A wildfire in Oregon brought the fire brigade to the wedding reception. Photography Credit: Josh Newton

A wildfire in Oregon brought the fire brigade to the wedding reception. Photography Credit: Josh Newton

Rain on your wedding day is good luck and at present across the Gem State we are praying for rain.  No rain in the near future and the forest fires increasing how can you best prepare for your event?  Here are 5  helpful tips to make your event run smoothly in the midst of disaster. 

1. The show must go on.  Wether you have planned a wedding, a family reunion, or a bachelor party the party must go on.  Your planning efforts will succeed. Take a few moments and simply reassure yourself that this is going to happen despite what is going on around you this is happening.  

2. Be prepared. Destination communities like Northern Idaho, McCall, and Sun Valley this is incredibly important.  Preparedness can save the day and take stress off of you.  Hiring a professional event planner helps with this because they can do much of the research for you.   Road closures, restrictions, and accommodating your guests are all components that are easy if you are prepared.

One of the best resources is also social media.  The Payette National Forest in the McCall area has  taken to Facebook to get updates to the communities surrounding fires in the area.

3. Communicate with your vendors.  Lodging, catering and more may be impacted by fires in the area.  Talk to your event professionals and see if fires are impacting them.  Ask how it will impact your event. Communication can go a long way.  

4. Consider your guests. Some of your guests may be older or have health conditions that need to be considered.  Fires bring smoke.  The smoke decreases the air quality in the area.  Many people have chosen to move to Idaho because of our crisp clean mountain air.  During fire season this perfect air quality unfortunately is not the case.

5.  Find the silver lining.  Photographers love cloud cover, smoke, and indirect sunlight. Look at the positive.  Find the beauty in the bad situation.  Look for the positive.  MAKE MEMORIES.