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Camera Ready

Sherry Scheline

The menu is finalized, décor settled, and you’re giddy about the vendor team you’ve put together for your wedding day. You couldn’t be more confident that each and every detail will go off without a hitch and your vision for the day has been all but realized at this point. But what about the vision you have for yourself, as a bride on the wedding day? Sure you found the dream dress, but have you taken the time to ensure that you are pampered, powdered, and that you will look and feel like a bride on your wedding day? 

Most will agree that one of the most important aspects of the wedding day and budget will be the photography. Your memories will be frozen in time and that alone is reason enough to regard it so highly. And for this reason, so many brides put a lot of time and effort in making sure their flowers, décor, and attire are perfect so that their pictures reflect the day beautifully.  However, in the midst of details, timelines, and color palettes, way too many brides forget the most important (and by far the most photographed) detail of all: themselves. 

What some will consider a luxury service on any other day really should reconsider the idea of hiring professional beauty artists for their hair and make up, a necessity for the wedding day. These artists not only make you look beautiful for the most important day of your life, but they are also experts in enhancing your features for photo purposes. Have you ever experienced a photo shoot where once the photos came back you were less than impressed? More times than not it’s the way you feel about how you look in those photos rather than the photography itself. 

Makeup artists will work with your complexion, your unique features, and work with you on your vision of yourself for the wedding day. Bohemian beach bride? Iconic blushing bride? Or maybe city glamour is it all the way. Each look will take an expert to pull it off properly, while using industry tricks to ban photo spoilers like shiny foreheads and washed out complexions. Your makeup artist will also know when and how to amp up a feature- like eye shadow- and when to tone things down- like bronzer. In short: leave the ratio and beauty formulas up to the experts for the photo-ready looks you’re dreaming of. 

Your hairstylist will be your go-to hair taming goddess. Armed with the right product to hold the perfect coif, create the most dramatic curl, and keep things looking shiny and healthy all evening long. Whether it’s extensions you desire or a sleek updo, these hair pros know it takes a little extra industry power to help your strands hold for what will be a full day of photos, dancing and merriment. 

Your beauty team is made of pros who will enhance your photos, finish off the vision you have for the wedding day, and give you some of the best memories- because often times a bride doesn’t feel like a bride until she’s been pampered like one.

Take the time to meet with and browse through portfolios of these beauty professionals. Ask questions, indicate your vision and point out any areas of concern you have. Referrals for reputable beauty pros by your wedding planner are a great place to start; for example Soiree even offers a beauty concierge program that allows you to meet with a beauty consultant who will then match you up with hand-selected artists that will best facilitate the look and feel you’re after. A trial run will ensure that you are both on the same page and that you’re in love with the end result and you can feel comfortable knowing that even the most natural of beauties can be camera ready on the big day.

Photography by Tana

Hair and Make Up Artist

Gabby Marcantonio (208)420-3525



Beauty Program by Soiree