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Your Floral Tour Guide

Steven Santos


Finding the right florist for your wedding is as important as finding the perfect dress. The relationship a bride has with her florist will help your wedding vision come to fruition. The vast options a bride has, when it come to botanicals, is endless. A great floral tour guide is key to your success.

 It is very important to find a florist that is experienced with many different design styles and techniques. This gives you a broader range of ideas and allows you to really make your wedding flowers unique. It can be as simple as exchanging a Rose with a Dahlia, linear design rather than compact, or just tweaking one aspect of an idea that can give you an Ah-Ha moment for your theme.

       The specific types of flowers in the list of botanicals for your wedding can be over whelming. It is important to find a designer that is well versed in the many different types of wedding flowers. Every wedding florist should have examples of diverse types of flowers and the colors they come in. They can filter through all the options and pick out what best fits you. The first question I ask is what the bride likes as far as textures and colors. We then go to the cooler and gather botanicals that fit their theme. This allows for not only a better visual of the flower, but tactile and olfactory insight. Price can play a big factor in what flowers you choose. It’s a good idea to find a florist that can show you different options of flowers in a variety of price ranges that fit your wedding theme.

Searching for a designer well versed in many different design styles will greatly benefit a bride. If your wedding is Shabby Chic, Woodland, or Sleek and Modern, there are different design styles that should be explored in each theme. In the age of Pinterest, it can be easy to choose a point and click wedding. A good wedding florist will listen to your vision and give you suggestions. An exceptional wedding florist will explore your ideas with you and help mold them into something completely custom using their expertise.

No matter how highly a florist is recommended or how “exclusive” they are, it is more important that you feel comfortable with them. You are entrusting them with a very important day and it is imperative that you feel confident about your choices. In my wedding consultations I really enjoy getting to know the bride and make sure they feel at ease. I even sometimes like to open a bottle of Bubbly for the bride to enjoy during the consultation! This allows everyone to relax and enjoy their experience.  Choosing wedding flowers shouldn’t be terrifying and hectic; it should be easy, fun, and calming. 

Remember, the journey through the garden should be peaceful and calming.  Enjoy this wedding planning journey, it will make your special day even more extraordinary!


Steven Santos, CFD

Certified Floral Designer

Boise At Its Best Flowers